Will The Orioles Trade Millar?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The city of Baltimore is openly mad at Orioles first baseman Kevin Millar for throwing out the first pitch for the Red Sox. Yes, Millar has ties to most of the players and coaches on the team, but throwing it out for someone in your own division, in the playoffs, isn't right. Could the people in the Front Office be so upset with Millar that they will look to trade him? I doubt this is the case, but Millar would definitely draw interest from around the league. The Giants are looking for a first baseman with Ryan Klesko on his way out and Millar would be a good upgrade. The Orioles and Giants have worked several trades with the Giants in the past, so this is plausible. Maybe a minor league prospect or two for Millar would do the trick, but Millar has just one more year on his contract which might turn the Giants off. Millar will make 2.75 million next season which is fair considering he will probably hit .260 with 15 HR. Another possibility is the Yankees, who are looking for a first baseman. This would make Ted Williams sit up in his freezer, but the Yankees would love to have his bat and experience in their lineup. Calls were not immediately returned from Brian Cashman, but I see the Giants, Yankees, and Rangers being interested in Millar if the Orioles decide to shop him.


Anonymous 5:51 PM CDT  

ted williams-freezer-kevin millar...i dont know

btw, wasnt he thawed out?

Michael 6:33 PM CDT  

As a Giants fan, I'd welcome Kevin Millar to the organization. This seems like a reasonable trade. We need guys like Millar who will instill the winning attitude back into our team. Go SF Giants!

richie 8:49 PM CDT  

The O's front office gave him permission to do so. He asked Andy McPhail twice just to make sure it was okay.

KevinGillman 9:04 PM CDT  

he may have had permission, but it was still weird to see. The Oriole fans have not been happy about it and the O's might not have much of a choice.

Anonymous 11:28 PM CDT  

oriole fans or reporters should not be upset about this i think its foolish. millar had permission. i would think baltimore fans or reporters would have a lot more to worry about with the crappy team they have. then again millar throwing out the pitch will probably be the closet any oriole will get to a playoff game in a long time. go ahead baltimore trade away millar and make your team even worse than it already is. tampa bay will probably pass these guys in the division in 08