GM Ricciardi On The Line?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Blue Jays failed to make a big upgrade last off season to help their pitching. They seemed close to signing both Ted Lilly and Gil Meche, but missed out on both. They then signed John Thompson and Tomo Ohka in their place and now both are off the Blue Jays. The Jays did finish above .500 but are missing some key veterans that could make them a contender for the next several seasons. This coming offseason Ricciardi needs to land something or I think he should be let go. They could use an outfielder, and I think a good candidate for them would be Milton Bradley, Shannon Stewart, or maybe Cuban Alexei Ramirez, if the Jays are willing to take a chance on him. Also, Gregg Zaun is better suited as a backup and they could add someone like Michael Barrett, Ramon Castro, or maybe Jason Kendall. From there, they may look to trade or sign a shortstop, but with upgrades in the outfield and behind the plate should make them a better team.


Anonymous 6:04 PM CDT  

uhhh, this is just your opinion. there is no fact to this article

Anonymous 7:39 PM CDT  

No matter how much the Jays fans want this to happen, Ricciardi will not be let go. I have no clue why because Ricciardi has done a terrible job as a GM these past couple of years.
And no, I don't think the Jays need an outfielder, nor do the need a catcher. Mainly because they have players in those positions coming up from their farm system.
Plus they just signed John McDonald, their shortstop to a two-year contract. I don't think they would be looking for a shortstop now, right?
What they need to do is fire Ricciardi, and they need to do that NOW!

Anonymous 12:38 PM CDT  

I don't agree that the outfield needs improvement. Alex Rios, Vernon Wells and Adam Lind Form an above average offensive trio. Having matt stairs and reed johnson as backups provide good depth...