Mets After Blanton, Again

Monday, October 8, 2007

It seems the Mets have given up on Lastings Milledge now that Carlos Gomez and Fernando Martinez are showing potential in the wings. The Mets really want pitching, and Minaya is looking to find a solid pitcher who would thrive in New York. Joe Blanton, as I reported several months ago, was nearly traded to the Mets for Milledge but Minaya balked because he wanted to give Milledge another chance. Blanton did very well for the A's this season going 14-10 with a 3.95 ERA and 140 K. Those numbers would look even better in the NL with a run scoring team. He pitched at Shea Stadium this season and picked up a no decision over eight innings. He had one rough month this season which changed his whole record, but a five hundred month like that next season makes his numbers look even better. Milledge batted .272 with 7 HR and 29 RBI in 59 games this season. Gomez, who is the same age, batted .232 with 2 HR, 12 RBI, and 12 SB. In 60 games at Double-A, Fernando Martinez, 18, batted .271 with 4 HR and 21 RBI. I think Carlos Gomez would be the better player to trade in this situation. Milledge put up better numbers than Gomez and is the same age, while Martinez is ready if all else fails. Milledge also shows more potential with his bat than both and this year might have shown that hitting seven homeruns in 59 games. He has a lot of speed too, and being a righty balances out the lineup. Minaya is looking to make a big splash, but in order to make a big splash he has to stop competing with the Yankees front office and do what is best for the team.


Anonymous 6:43 PM CDT  

the final line is so true

D'Andre Williams 7:14 PM CDT  

The Atlanta Braves should have a great chance at getting Joe Blanton!

Anonymous 7:16 PM CDT  

Did you report it or did the SF Chronicle? I'm confused.

Eli 7:31 PM CDT  

its funny you say that because i speculated it first then I added the source. but i guess you could say I reported it to you first

Timothy 11:18 PM CDT  

i'm assuming Billy Beane wants Milledge not Gomez. So why would the A's trade?

Anonymous 1:18 PM CDT  

Eli that link shows nothing of a source, just a blogger saying Joe Blanton would be a good idea for the Mets..

Yeah I would love a blanton for gomez or milledge deal, but there is no real info.

My Name A Borat 7:43 PM CDT  

They need another decent pitcher after that awful collapse to let the Phillies get a division championship the Metropolitans could've easily have won.

Peter 9:47 PM CDT  

first off if any of you watched the mets you know that the team rates gomez ahead of millege. 2nd, between his rap album, on field antics and behavior problems (all of which are fine by me) seem to be a problem with WIlly. Since Willy is back, lastings will go. They may live to regret that, but Blanton is definitly not the answer. They need more of a front line guy, so pedro slides to 2 and Maine?perez fill out the rotatiion. Millege, Heilman and Pelfrey could be a start for Haren and than you are talking about parameters that help both teams.