La Russa Waiting On Yankees

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

After Joe Torre and his Yankees failed to make it past the divisional series, it seemed that he felt his time in New York was done. "I'm not going there," Torre said. "This has been a great 12 years. Whatever happens from here on out, I'll look back on these 12 years with great, great pleasure, based on the fact that I'm a kid who had never been to the World Series, other than watching my brother [Frank] play in the '50s, and paying for tickets otherwise." Tony La Russa, who is waiting to say whether or not he will return to the Cardinals, said he would be interested in the managerial post in the Bronx. Torre, who would be picked up quickly if he is let go, would be smart to say 'I'm not coming back,' than be fired to show George Steinbrenner he will not stand for his threats. Mariano Rivera is already on his way out and if Torre leaves, Posada will probably leave too. There is no one better than Torre out there so it doesn't make sense why he would be let go. But if La Russa becomes the new manager and Mattingly and Girardi are put off, you can expect both of them to leave and seek other positions. His family lives in Cincinnati's and he could be the Reds new manager if he wanted to continue. Former Cardinals Joe Girardi could be the next Cardinals manager while Mattingly could sit out a year and wait for a new opportunity the next year. Or he could take the Pirates, Royals, or possibly the Phillies job. They are both eager to be managers and may leave if the Yankees look elsewhere. Personally, I think Joe Torre will look at the teams looking for managers and say 'I have had a good run, these teams don't interest me,' and retire to the broadcast booth or completely from baseball.



Anonymous 5:37 PM CDT  

so how is mariano rivera already on his way out? and posada too?

you need a source for that before you say anything on that.

mariano and posada WILL be yankees next year.

you act like the yankees wouldnt offer up a big contract for mo to stay.

Timothy 5:57 PM CDT  

if the yanks should blame anyone, it's the GM. Torre just works with what he has, and from what i see, the yanks only have a ridiculous hitting lineup and no pitching. If Torre gets the pitching, and then struggles, then we have a problem.

Anonymous 6:04 PM CDT  

it is speculation comment 1...

My Name A Borat 7:36 PM CDT  

La Russa as the manager of the Bronx Bombers may work out, but he may be short handed with possibly no A-Rod or Mariono Rivera that's a big part of the Yankees recent success

KevinGillman 11:03 PM CDT  

Anonymous 1, ESPN has reported that Mo will look at the free market, and Jorge too had said he might be willing to leave if Joe isn't there, this has been widely known for quite sometime.

Anonymous 5:56 AM CDT  

Mariano Rivera said he wants to play into the new Yankee Stadium. Jorge Posada has nowhere else to go, and I doubt Cashman would let him go anywhere else after the year he's had.

The problem at hand is pitching, regardless is the new manager is La Russa or Mattingly. BUT, if La Russa becomes manager, that increases the chances of A-Rod staying. He is, after all, A-Rod's favortitest manager. BFF FOREVER!!!