Jason Bay To Brewers?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Brewers are very disappointed with top pitching prospect Jeremy Jeffress after he failed another drug test and may look to trade him. They declined Geoff Jenkins option for next year opening a spot in the outfield. The Pirates are looking to trade Bay after a poor offensive year and the Brewers would be smart to get him while his asking price is still low. I suspect that if they traded Jeffress and a minor leaguer or two could land him, it might not even take that though. At Lo-A this season, Jeffress, 19, was 9-5 with a 3.13 ERA in 86.1 IP. He has got a great slider that compliments his fastball, and I think Huntington would love to stock the Pirates with young, capable pitching. Bay if familiar with the NL Central and an adjustment would not be hard at all. If Bay is officially put on the market, expect the Brewers to be all over him.


Anonymous 2:26 AM CDT  

You're nuts. That is just ridiculous.

Anonymous 6:42 AM CDT  

this is the most insane trade idea i have heard in years. yes, the pirates will def look to ship their two-time, 30 hr, (and still affordable) all star to a team inside the division for a drug test failing single A pitcher and some other unproven hacks.

honest to god...with ideas like these i'm surprised you even know how to work a computer.

Randall Simon 9:41 AM CDT  

Ha ha ha ha! A complete fabrication.

Anonymous 10:20 AM CDT  

As a Brewer fan, sign me up!

This trade idea is so lopsided it's ridiculous, but if Doug Melvin gets the offer - pull the trigger.

I'm guessing trading Bay to the Brewers would require at least one of Villanueva or Parra, and possibly both. They may even ask for Gallardo (who is untouchable).

Anonymous 11:36 AM CDT  

what a moron

Anonymous 10:13 PM CDT  

If Bay gets traded it most likely will be to the Cleveland Indians. They have lots of good young pitching they can afford to trade, need a corner OF, and Huntingdon is from the Indians organization so he is familiar with the management and the system's prospects.

Anonymous 7:39 PM CST  

Hmmm, An idiot desiding to have his own blog.