Top 50 Free Agents: 1-10

Monday, October 29, 2007

1. Alex Rodriguez, Yankees

Rodriguez is looking for a lot of money, but I think most teams will see that the price is not worth it. As of right now, several teams are still interested but that could change because Boras is a very demanding agent. I expect a team like the Giants, who are desperate for an offensive surge, go after him at all cost. Not only that, but Pedro Feliz is a free agent and he occupied the position so it is now open. But the fact that he has been in the American League is whole career makes me think he might stay.

Prediction: Giants

2. Torii Hunter, Twins

Hunter is the most valuable outfielder on the market. He is a great in the field, and puts up good numbers that would boost any lineup. I see him testing the market because he has complained about the direction of the Twins. He also knows they do not have room for Johan Santana which makes me think he will go somewhere with some potential to be a contender. Like the Rangers, where he grew up, could be a contender in the AL West as players on the better teams begin to decline.

Prediction: Rangers

3. Aaron Rowand, Phillies

Rowand is also a great outfielder but injury problems are definitely a risk. He is great with the bat, but is reckless in the field leading to many injuries. Many teams would still be interested in him however, and he could command a pretty solid deal. I expect him to get around a five year, 80 million dollar deal. I know you may think that is a lot, but look what Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Lee, and several others got last season. The White Sox would love to have him back, but so would the Phillies. I think his heart may still be in Chicago, but if the Phillies can cough up the right price I think they will be able to hold on to him because of the late surge they had in September.

Predicition: White Sox

4. Andruw Jones, Braves

The Braves understand what he has done for the franchise, but he wants so much money that the Braves don’t think it is worth it. Many other teams will be interested and there are other free agents interested in playing in Atlanta. There are other center fielders that will do the job at a lesser price and Jones seems the most likely to fade away before the other free agents.

Prediction: Padres

5. Livan Hernandez, Diamondbacks

Livan Hernandez is the best pitcher on the market and his performance in the playoffs in only helping his cause. He is not only a veteran, but does the job every day with little to no complaints. He is a horse having started 33 games this season including playoffs as well. He is very close to his half brother Orlando Hernandez, who the Mets are very high on, and may try to bring in Livan to make them happy and improve their rotation. The Diamondbacks have little room to sign him so you will probably see him walk.

Prediction: Mets

6. Mike Lowell, Red Sox

Mike Lowell had a great season under the radar with the Red Sox. He thrived on having been blocked by Alex Rodriguez in the AL East, and it showed in his numbers this season and postseason. He is great player, and above average fielder who would help a lot of teams, but his love for Boston and playoff experience works for both sides. However, the Red Sox do not seem interested in long term, like some teams in need of his presence, like the Phillies.

Prediction: Red Sox

7. Jorge Posada, Yankees

It is hard not to see Jorge Posada in a Yankee uniform. And although Joe Torre is out, the Yankees will make an overwhelming offer to Posada before he has a chance to test the market.

Prediction: Yankees

8. Bobby Abreu

It might cost them more than 16 million dollars to find another outfielder, even if he can put up better numbers. Abreu was good for them this year but isn’t the best in the field. He will be good for one more year but I do not see him with the Yankees beyond 2008.

Prediction: Yankees

9. Francisco Cordero, Brewers

Cordero is coming off an excellent year for the Brewers, but the team’s struggles in the second half may lead him to leaving. He is the best closer on the market, and the Brewers aren’t helping by buttering him up so much. They plan to make an aggressive offer to him, and although he may be pressured to test the market, I think he will stay in Milwaukee.

Prediction: Brewers

10. Curt Schilling, Red Sox

Schilling had a decent year for the Red Sox going 9-8 with a 3.87 ERA and 101 K. He is getting older, but could put up good numbers on a National League team. Many are speculating that he will leave Boston after the season and return to Philadelphia. The Phillies are interested, and his family is looking into a house in South New Jersey, which would suggest that their house outside of Boston is sold and they are ready to move on. However, his performance in the post season may drive him to stick it out for one more year.

Prediction: Red Sox

HM. Tom Glavine, Mets

Glavine opted out of his contract and has said that because of his poor finish, he would like to end his career on a better note. Although the Braves are the front runner, do not rule out the Nationals yet. However, having started his career there and because he still lives there makes me think he will return.

Prediction: Braves


Anonymous 2:16 AM CDT  

I thought Giants/A-Rod would be a good fit but that team is going to need a payroll in the 130m range to contend. Thats something I dunno if I can't see happening right now. So would A-Rod go to another situation like the Rangers?

I think whatever team A-Rod goes to has to be a contender and be willing to pay him big money. The Giatns have huge holes in center,left,first,and the bullpen.

So A-Rod and the Giants no longer look like a good fit to me.

Anonymous 12:02 PM CDT  

you dont have rivera on that list? your a joke

Anonymous 1:10 PM CDT  

a bigger joke saying the Mets would sign Livan

Anonymous 3:09 PM CDT  

what about A-rod to the Dodgers with Torre and Mattingly?

Anonymous 5:55 PM CDT  

AROD in SF is a great fit... I noticed how much he enjoyed it when NY came to SF during interleague play. And plus, AROD just wants to get paid, and I don't see anyone outbidding the eager Giant management. They need to bring people in to help pay off the stadium, and Peter McGowan LOVES big stars...

Giants ranked last in every offense position. They had nobody to knock in runs, hit home runs, etc... However, the Giants ranked in the Top 10 in the MLB in stolen bases, and although everyone loved the Red Sox starting rotation, here's how the stacked up against the Giants starters.

Red Sox Rotation
Beckett = 3.27 ERA & 20 Wins
Wakefield = 4.76 ERA & 17 Wins
Shilling = 3.87 ERA & 9 Wins
Dice K = 4.40 ERA & 15 Wins
Tavarez = 5.15 ERA & 7 Wins

Rotation AVG = 4.29 ERA & 68 Wins

Giants Rotation
Cain: 3.65 ERA & 7 Wins
Zito: 4.53 ERA & 11 Wins
Lowry: 3.92 ERA & 14 Wins
Lincecum: 4.0 ERA & 7 Wins
Corriea: 3.45 ERA & 7 Wins

Rotation AVG = 3.91 ERA & 43 Wins

Giants sign AROD, trade a young pitcher or so for another stick to bat 5th, and those 20-30 games they lost by 2 runs or less, could be turned around.

Anonymous 7:18 AM CDT  

this guy above me is a joke.. your comparing the red sox starting rotation (who basically carried the red sox to the playoffs and WON the world series!) to a garbage giants rotation.. the giants rotation has HUGE holes. matt cain and tim lincecum are obviously the future of the organization but zito is an overpaid peice of crap and they dont have a 5th starter! ohh and lowry is legit. but i digress, giants have much bigger problems than making a big sign like a-rod. your point about trading a young pitcher is also ridiculious, the giants are on huge rebuilding process.. cain and lincecum have ridiculious talent.. give them a few years and they'll come into theyre own and maybe the next big game pitcher.. if you look josh beckett has just as many wins as cain, lincecum and corriea combined. im just saying good pitching beats good offense everytime, they have other holes to fill.

does ANYONE else agree!?

Anonymous 1:23 PM CDT  

The numbers don't lie... The Giants rotation was excellent last year, despite Zito's bad year... Considering Zito's 7 year career, he's only had an ERA in the 4's twice, 3 years with an ERA in the 3's, and 2 years (including his CY Young year) in the 2's... I'm not worried about him next year.

The Giants don't have huge holes in their rotation... Noah Lowry, who may be trade bait had a 3.9 ERA and 15 wins last year despite a bad offense and bone spurs in his pitching elbow. And you are right about Cain and Lincecum, they'll be great...

Kevin Correia that took over after the trade deadline when the Giants dealt Matt Morris filled in perfectly, posting a 3.45 ERA, 7 Wins in over 110 or so Innings. The Giants have an abundance of young pitching, both for the rotation and the bullpen.

There's no doubt that the Giants have holes in their line up, however, they do have some good solid players in the line up as well... Randy Winn hit .300 last year with 14 HR's and hit .325 in the 3rd slot in the line up... Molina hit .280 and a career high 19 HR's and 81 RBI's. Raj Davis that came over in the Pittsburgh trade hit .280 and had 21 Stolen Bases in his first year (54 games) and played great in the outfield. Ray Durham was injured last year and didn't rebound, but in his previous years with the Giants hit .285, .282, .293 and in 2006 hit .295, 24 HR's and 93 RBIs...

As I stated, AROD won't solve ALL of our offensive woes, but the Giants were 25th in HR's, 30th (dead last) in RBI's and 28th in RUNS... AROD hit 54, 156 and .314 which is almost as good as our 3,4,5 hitters combined. AROD and a stick to bat 5th would go a long way for the Giants. That was my point.

Anonymous 10:07 PM CDT  

no concern for an outfield? unless you want to sign a huge waste of money to a hack in the playoffs be my geust. trade one of your young talents that could win a cy young in a few years, that just sounds crazy.

Anonymous 10:07 PM CDT  

no concern for an outfield? unless you want to sign a huge waste of money to a hack in the playoffs be my geust. trade one of your young talents that could win a cy young in a few years, that just sounds crazy.

Anonymous 10:30 PM CDT  

Yes, I don't see a problem with our outfield... Unless you mean from an offensive prospective? Randy Winn hit .300, Raj Davis has only played 54 games as a big leaguer but hit .280 and stole 22 bases in that short period of time... We do "need" an outfielder, and if they choose to sign a slugger there, that's fine. Or they can fill that hole with Nick Sheirholtz or Dan Ortmier, since the Giants want to start bringing in guys from the minors to test them out.

The Giant's HUGE problem is offense, getting on base, and knocking in runs.

Choking "in" the playoffs, is better than not getting "to" the playoffs...

And who said anything about trading one of our Cy Young winners? Lowry? He's probably the 4th best pitcher on the Giants roster.

Anonymous 6:57 AM CDT  

okay lets say you guys sign a-rod.. get randy winn OUT of the bay (that guy sucks) and start out with Fred Lewis in the OF and look to sign 2 other Outfielders. I wouldn't want to trade Matt Cain or Tim Lincecum.. the three most solid pitchers are Cain, Lincecum and Lowry.. Barry Zito is a huge waste of salary, and which i think was a horrible sign. why pay soo much money for such little production. before they signed him they obviously saw they he only threw high 80s. anyways, i say you guys already have a pretty solid rotation. the MAJOR issue is your bullpen, thats what lost you guys soo many regular season games.. i don't think Brad Hennessay is going to cut it ethier. what do you think??

Anonymous 9:52 PM CST  

I don't see A-rod playing for the Giants. The Giants are a young team that's rebuilding. I think the Angels are a better fit. Or maybe the Dodgers.