Yanks Feel Heat, Request Meeting With Boras

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Yankees have made it clear that they will not negotiate with Alex Rodriguez if he opts out of his contract. Well apparently, it seemed that he was leaning towards exercising that clause and now the Yankees would like to convince him not to. Rodriguez has three years left on his contract worth 81 million dollars total, and if the Yankees want to keep him, it will probably go up. The Yankees would like get this settled and announced in the first days following the World Series so they can try and sign Rivera and Posada, while also deciding a manager. They do have a lot to do, but I think most can be accomplished. I think Boras has come to realize that A-Rod would only lose money if he opted out because teams that can afford him were starting to pull out of the running. So Boras is forced to lower his price tag or in other terms, come back down to earth, and work out a new deal with the Yankees. This could turn into a lengthy process, ending with the departure of several players including Mariano Rivera, who is looking at fifteen million dollars a year from the Phillies. I've said it from the beginning that I do not think A-Rod would leave simply because of this, and the Steinbrenner's see that it would only hurt the team, and have given the go ahead to pursue him. I do not know if the Yankees will go long term with Rodriguez, but I see the Yankees throwing three year deals at Posada and Rivera, both right around the 35 to 45 million dollar mark. For Rodriguez, he might be making that much annually. I see a final deal with Rodriguez at seven years, worth 30-33 million dollars annually, with a full no-trade clause. Boras will end up working his magic, like he has with so many clients before, but the 2007 MVP to-be will be under a lot of scrutiny if he doesn't repeat or improve upon the numbers he put up this year.


Anonymous 10:13 PM CDT  

wow yet more money these big market teams can throw at one player. Rod making 30+ mil a year is almost half of some teams total team payroll. His agent is a greedy person and so is Rod. Guys like this ruin the game

Eli 10:51 PM CDT  

i agree with you

Krycek 12:42 AM CDT  

Its not A-Rod's fault for wanting the most money he can get. Its the owners fault for offering that much. If all the owners would work together and set a limit on the money they are willing to offer a single player, then it would come down to how the team itself is run or the level of play for that team which would sway free agents opinion. The game itself isn't ruined at all though because like the report says, many teams are dropping out of the running which means they are refusing to pay that much. I feel that the game itself is turning back towards putting the importance of developing their own players to win a championship. Look at the NLCS of this year, The Rockies and D-Backs? No real big name free agents helped those teams get there. And the fiscal superpowers like the Mets and Yankees and Red Sox are beginning to change their ways as well, Dustin Pedroia and Yook won that game 7 and they were both homegrown. Cano and Melky. Wright and Reyes. The future of all these big market teams are all becoming home grown talent. I think the game is still safe and better than ever. Don't worry.

Anonymous 1:08 AM CDT  

A-Rod's an idiot. He already has gone through so much trouble and scrutiny because of the pressure associated with being the highest paid player in the game. He has more money than even God could spend, but yet, he wants to add more scrutiny and more pressure by now asking for a raise?

It's not being "fair" to the economics of the game right now; it's just being greedy. I hope A-Rod gets his 30+ million from the Yankees, and then when he hits only .285 next year with "just" 39 HR's and gets boo'd out of town like he killed somebody, I'll be loving every second of it. Congrats Scott Boras, you're ruining the game of baseball by pricing your clients into a stratosphere where they realistically have limited themselves to only being able to play for 4 teams and nobody else.