Phillies Should Take Chance On Cabrera

Monday, October 22, 2007

helping out as well. However, what could the The Phillies infield is stacked with talent and they are all fairly young. Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and Jimmy Rollins already make them one of the best teams in baseball, with other fillers like Aaron Rowand, Pat Burrell, and Rule V Prospect Shane VictorinoPhillies do to get better? If their pitching can stay healthy, I would pick them to win the division again, but we will have to wait till it gets closer to Spring Training. Adding Mike Lowell would be great, but expensive, especially if they want to hold on to Aaron Rowand. The Phillies have some prospects waiting for their chance that could be expendable in certain situations. Adding Miguel Cabrera, who the Marlins are looking to trade, would complete that infield and make that lineup solid up and down. For the Marlins, it would make room in there payroll and ultimately make room for prospect Chris Coghlan at second while moving Uggla to third. They could offer Brett Myers, cash, and several prospects and still be a great team and put pressure on the aging Mets to improve. They have Hamels, Kendrick, Lieber, and hope to hold on to Kyle Lohse, while finding places for Moyer and Durbin. I think the Phillies have room for Rowand if they modify his contract to fit into their payroll, but if he decides to leave, they have Michael Bourn, Jason Werth, and other players around the league that are available. Greg Golson did pretty well for the Phillies in Double-A, and he is playing Fall Ball right now so he is a candidate in the outfield. According to the MLB Rumors East Coast Correspondent Steve Wilson, the Marlins have not ruled out any teams in trade negotiations, which makes this scenario more plausible. Most of these big trades will happen around the Winter Meetings, and I see not only the Phillies, but the Giants, Dodgers, Angels, and maybe the Yankees or Red Sox, depending on Lowell and Rodriguez, to be interested.


Anonymous 4:01 PM CDT  

I think Garret Atkins is more likely canidate...

Anonymous 4:01 PM CDT  

I wouldnt mind Cabrera though

Steveh 6:07 PM CDT  

Cabrera is not a Philly type of guy. Seems very Bobby Abreu - tons of talent, little heart. Unlike Bobby though, Miggy doesnt seem to care much about physique..

Anonymous 6:15 PM CDT  

true...garret atkins seems more like that player, but the Phillies could whip him into shape. first, they would have to ban him of philly cheese steaks-

Anonymous 8:18 PM CDT  

Freddy Garcia is a FA

Anonymous 8:24 PM CDT  

Firstly of all, Garcia and Lieber are not coming back to this team because they were hurt all last season... Lohse won't be back because there is no way the Phillies will fit the bill for that ridiculous price tag... Burrell, Myers and prospects for Cabrera ?!?! Are you on crack ??? They're is no way Florida is taking Burrell's 14MM for this season... Myer's is making 20.5MM over the next 2 seasons.... That won't happen... I could see a Cabrera to the Phils deal happening but it would involve Carrasco, Victorino and a third prospect....

Anonymous 8:43 PM CDT  

first of all, there would be cash involved...but the second trade makes more sense.

Anonymous 9:52 PM CDT  

The Dodgers seem like the best trade partner for Florida. If LA cant land ARod, I fully expect them to make a run at Cabrerra, Miguel Tejada, or even Troy Glaus.
The Marlins could take their choice of young talent from the Dodgers. Andy LaRoche, Andre Ethier, Delwyn Young, Chin Lung Hu,
Jonathan Meloan, Justin Orenduff, are all pieces the Dodgers could move.Matt Kemp, James Loney, Chad Billingsly, and Clayton Kershaw are the guys FLA will want. LA should take a chance here, and even try to negotiate a long term deal with Cabrerra.

D'Andre Williams 12:26 PM CDT  

Do the Phillies have prospects to get Miguel Cabrera? I can see Cabrera going to the Dodgers or Angels.