Red Sox After Sheets?

Monday, December 3, 2007

According to the Providence Journal, the Red Sox are in discussions with the Brewers about Ben Sheets. Maybe this means the Red Sox will throw in either Lester or Buchholz, along with Ellsbury and a minor leaguer. Maybe this means the Twins are leaning towards the Yankees offer and will go to a plan B. I think Sheets would be a great pickup. You cannot rely on Tim Wakefield despite him putting up 17 wins, and Curt Schilling only put up 9 wins, so adding another starter would definitely be good. Sheets is only 29, and has had double-digit wins in six of the past seven seasons. This week, the Red Sox are expected to be quiet. They have been shopping Coco Crisp for sometime and I expect some deal done by the end of the week. I have also heard that they may be looking for catcher, and could try and sign Michael Barrett, who would benefit from playing in Fenway Park. However, if they do plan to go for Michael Barrett, they better make sure that Varitek is ready to catch Tim Wakefield. Personally, if the Brewers are going to trade Chris Capuano in a trade for Scott Rolen, I doubt they would trade Sheets as well. I'm sure we will know more by the end of the week, in both situations.


Anonymous 11:28 AM CST  

Yeah just what Boston needs, an old Wakefield, an old schilling, and sheets who pitched in 24 games and 140.1 innings last year.

Jpost 3:09 PM CST  

Eli, I come to your site for entertainment and the occasional news i can't find anywhere else, but your knowledge of player value always seems to be over the top. Your previous claims of Ramon Castro getting starter money and looking to go elsewhere were completely unfounded, as castro has stated numerous times he loves being a met, and does not mind being a back-up role player. Now you expect Boston to throw the same offer for Sheets as they did for Santana?! Sheets is a solid number 2, in no way the ace Santana is. If they are in the running for Sheets, it'll be Lester/Bucholz and either Crisp or 2 minor league prospects.

Anonymous 5:33 PM CST  

I gotta agree, with a previous poster on this one. Isn't the problem with the Santana trade that they won't combine any of the big 3, Ellsbury, Bucholtz, Lester. You now assume that they will give that for Sheets.....somethings just don't make sense here.

Maybe you know something we don't, maybe Sheets is gonna mount a comeback and be better than the best pitcher in baseball, or maybe the Red Sox need to save money after winning the World series....

Anonymous 10:04 PM CST  

I hope as a Brewers fan that there is some truth to this rumor. I'd gladly take Lester or Bucholtz and some prospects for Sheets. Sure, Sheets is an ace when he's on the mound, but the problem is that he's hardly ever on the mound. He's completely unreliable and definitely not someone that a team build a foundation upon. He's also in the last year of his contract, and the Brewers won't put up the money that others will to re-sign him after '08.

ribs 12:08 AM CST  

WOW!!! throw a few words you cant say on tv in there and you've got yourself a great george carlin knock-off comedy routine!!
Ben Sheets ha ha ha I guess next the red sox are gonna offer $20 million a year to Dave Stewart right Eli? ask your "sources" about that 11th hour deal from the lobby of the winter meetings!!!! ha ha ha