Erik Bedard to Mets?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

It appears that the Mets traded for Ryan Church in hopes that Church would put their trade including Phillip Humber and Aaron Heilman over the top to acquire Erik Bedard. Personally, I think it would take a lot more that those three to acquire Bedard. Despite finishing the season on the disabled list, Bedard was 13-5 with a 3.16 ERA and 221 K. I think those numbers would improve with an NL team that produces, but the Orioles would only hurt the team with that trade. They should be looking at Fernando Martinez, Francisco Pena, or Kevin Mulvey.You add one of them to the deal and then it is pretty good. I'm sure the Mets will come into the meetings desperate to pull off a big trade, so this is possible. But for now, I think the Orioles will hold on to him so he can build up his value even more.


andrew 4:59 PM CST  

Okay again this is another crazy idea involving the Orioles. Bedard needs to command two high ceiling prospects and a good major league player. The only Mets offer attractive would have to include a prospect that was high ceiling such as Martinez. They would also probably have to include Gomez,Heilman and either Humber or Pelfrey. These rumors seem very far fetched today involving the Orioles.

Anonymous 6:22 PM CST  

The Mets DO NOT have enough young players and/or prospects to acquire a frontline starting pitcher.

Meddler 7:23 PM CST  

I think its more that, knowing how desperate the Mets are, other organizations want the Mets to think they don't like any of their players so they can get better value. I bet there are still plenty of scouts high on Mike Pelfrey. Sure he's only had one pitch most of his career, but with that one pitch alone he dominated three levels of the minors and made his big league debut halfway through his first pro season, and it is a mid 90s fastball with good sink. The line he put up in 2007 was almost the exact line Dan Haren put up in 2003 at the same age and level of development.

I bet there are also scouts who are high on Deolis Guerra. He's put up decent numbers at a level way advanced for his age (A+ at 18). Scouts probably also love his projectability, he's already 6'5" 200.

The other part of this is that these guys aren't Clay Buccholz or Philip Hughes, but they're not "dime a dozen" commodities the way some writers would like to have you think.

Anonymous 7:48 PM CST  

anonomous, are you a fucking scout.. can u actually prove to me that the mets dont have enough young players to pull off the big deal?

Anonymous 9:06 PM CST  

Humber, Heilman, and Church for Bedard? are you kidding me?

Heilman is an OK reliever. in the AL East, maybe he has a 4.00 ERA.

Humber, at this point, is a mediocre prospect.

Church is what he is. an average corner OFer.

this package would be laughed at by the Orioles. it's an absolutely terrible offer.

the Orioles would be MUCH better off with 2 seasons of Bedard and 2 draft picks in 2009.

this isn't even close.

Twin #2 10:25 PM CST  

Wouldn't it have been better to just offer Milledge to the Orioles?

Anonymous 7:09 AM CST  

the deal could probaly be uped to as much as gomez, heilman, guerra, humber and gotay if not more

Anonymous 10:10 AM CST  

Using profanity does a great job of supporting your case!

Pelfrey was terrible last year.

Milledge the last great thing netted a washed up, overpriced catcher who cannot hit and a 4th OF.

The Mets have one of the worst pitching staffs in baseball, so if any of these so-called pitching prospects were near ready, they would be penciling them in the rotation!

Instead they are bringing in another Hernandez in Livan...

Pedro injury question mark

Maine can he do it again

Orlando Hernandez may be the oldest player to every play the game!

All I can say is wow!

Anonymous 1:08 PM CST  

the Orioles said no to Milledge. My guess is that a deal with Carlos Gomez and Fernando Martinez would start to make the deal better.