All eyes on C.C.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Executives around the league will have their eyes on the Cleveland Indians the next few weeks, and more specifically on star pitcher C.C. Sabathia. With the Indians struggling to find a groove and Sabathia a soon-to-be free agent, the Indians may look at trading their ace as the deadline approaches. Sabathia figures to return serious talent were he to be dealt, as young, lefty aces don't grow on trees. The Yankees, Cubs, and Mets all figure to be interested at the deadline, with the Yankees seemingly hoping for a "redo" on what appears to be a mistake on passing on Johan Santana over the winter.


Anonymous 8:42 AM CDT  

can't call not trading the kids a mistake...that can't be judged by this year or next and kennedy are still very young...although it appears like a bad move, it really is way too early to judge...if hughes becomes a dominant pitcher with the yanks, and santana only has 2-3 good years, will you still consider it a "mistake"?

Ryan, RI 10:31 AM CDT  

As a Yankees fan, if they go after Sabathia I'll be pissed. Not only would they be trading Kennedy, Hughes, Cano, etc. at their lowest possible values, but they would be admitting a huge mistake in not going after Santana (who is a much better SP than C.C.) this offseason.