Brewers Hall Wants Out

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Brewers third baseman Bill Hall is struggling with the Brewers and has been demoted to a platoon role. He has struggled since being reduced and it has lead to him asking for a trade. Although Hall has struggled versus righties, he would make for a good addition on a struggling team. He is batting .227 with 9 HR in 51 games, but is a career .261 hitter in 678 games.

If Ryan Zimmerman goes down for an extended amount of time, the Nationals could make a move for Hall. The Mariners could use Hall out in right field and at their DH spot. Any change for the Mariners would be good now. I have mentioned the Giants before as possible suitors, and they might finally make a move if the Brewers look to dump him. Hall will be traded soon, maybe within the next week, but definitely by the end of the month.


Bucky, NY 5:26 PM CDT  

A change of Scenery would be good for Hall. He is versitle and he could improve on that low Avg. if he plays one position everyday.

JamJam 6:43 PM CDT  

Bill Hall CANNOT hit RHP...simple as that.

Anonymous 11:47 PM CDT  

Bill Hall to the Giants for the recently Designated Eric Threets.

Anonymous 10:48 PM CDT  

Hall will not be traded. He's not being a real distraction; the Brewers are not confident enough in Branyan to have him play everyday, and they have no other right-handed third basemen to platoon with him. Matt Gamel is ready to be called up offensively, but no where near ready defensively. Simply put, he won't be traded because the Brewers have no one to replace him.