MLB Draft: Tim Beckham

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm going to be doing a couple draft profiles over the next day or two leading up to the draft. Let's get started with Tim Beckham. Beckham is the top high schooler in the draft, and is projected to go in the top three. His ability to play shortstop and his advanced approach at the plate make him a candidate to rise fast through any system; however, most high schoolers go through an adjustment period of a couple seasons in the minors. I would not say he is as advanced as the Upton's were when they were taken, but it is close. Poor mechanics in his swing will slow him down if he doesn't adjust properly, but just by a year or so. His swing has drawn comparisons to Justin Upton, while his small frame is similar to B.J. Upton.

What to expect: Once he turns on the ball and fills out, he should hit for a .300+ average with 10-20 homeruns. He is definitely a number two like hitter.


Anonymous 7:31 AM CDT  

The MLB draft has nowhere near the impact that the NFL or NBA draft does. Frankly, I don't understand the excitement. High School players most often need 5-8 years of development to make it to the majors. Injuries, failure to adjust to the advanced game, family and maturity issues - all take a toll. It's much less common for a high pick to make the big club than it is in other sports.