Giles to Boston?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Brian Giles could be a fit in Boston in the DH spot if David Ortiz is out for an extended amount of time. The Padres will likely hold some sort of fire sale at the deadline, hoping that it will restock their system and prepare them for 2009 and beyond. Giles is having a pretty good year for the Padres batting .299 with 3 HR in 58 games. He is in for another .300 year with 15-20 homeruns, numbers that would help a team in a playoff race. He still has a good arm in the outfield, so I wouldn't rule out several teams making a play for him in the playoff hunt.

The Braves are a potential option. Diaz is expected to miss about two months, so it would make sense for the Braves to bring in a replacement for this season. Giles has 9 million dollar club option for 2009, so a team that trades for him could potentially buy him out. The Mets are also a possibility if options like Xavier Nady or Jason Bay fall through. Omar Minaya and Kevin Towers are familiar with each other when it comes to trades, so something could be worked out there. Other options include the Rays and Twins.


Bucky, NY 3:51 PM CDT  

Not a chance Giles ends up in Boston, they already have Moss and Carter who are younger and cheaper to Giles.

Anonymous 6:19 PM CDT  

In complete agreement with Bucky. The Red Sox would absorb the remaining part of a $9m contact, which escalates to an overall $11m if he's traded.

Also take into account that the Red Sox would also have to trade somebody in order to acquire Giles, and you're looking at a pro-rated $11m plus prospect(s) for a three or four month rental.

Ramirez is going to DH primarily, Ellsbury and Crisp are going to platoon in the OF, Carter gets his shot with the team in a reserve role to spell in the DH spot, and if he doesn't work out they'll call up Moss. The Red Sox will save a good deal of money and get to have a better OF.

Anonymous 2:55 AM CDT  

i think everyone underestimates giles. he is a very good outfielder minuse his average arm. he gets on base as good as anyone. he is a clutch hitter and his power is underestimated because of petco. he is also a great clubhouse guy to have on your team.

the sox wouldnt be paying the entire 11 million $. its not like players get a lump sum at the end of the year. some of that money has already been paid and whos to say the padres wouldnt pick up some of that money if they get what they want in return.

Anonymous 8:16 PM CDT  

coco crisp suspended, manny tweaked hammy, ellsbury hurt

could work for both sides