Bonderman Out For Season

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tigers pitcher Jeremy Bonderman will miss the rest of the season with a blood clot in his right shoulder. This is a big blow for the Tigers who lose another player to the disabled list. The Tigers do not have a pitcher in Triple-A that can step up and pitch for the Tigers, so they might need to explore a trade. I doubt they go and make a big splash because they really are not in contention, and the pitchers available would probably not make a big difference.

David Wells would make for a good, short term replacement. He would sign for close to the league minimum and could give you ten or so wins. Another option is Randy Wolf, who is pitching very well for the Padres. Jason Marquis is available with the Cubs, and he is an option as well. All three options are good short term, but probably would not be good options long term. So far this season, Bonderman is 3-4 with a 4.29 ERA.


ME 10:14 PM CDT  

The tigers dont have the chips to make any trades

Anonymous 1:52 AM CDT  

You gotta assume they are gonna let Willis fail before making a move.

Anonymous 1:58 AM CDT  

it would make no sense for the tigers to make a trade yet. not only do they have dontrelle, but casey fossum has allowed 3 runs in his last 4 starts (26. 2/3 innings) striking out 35 in AAA. Also they have Virgil Vazquez on the 40 man who made a few starts for them last year.

Anonymous 10:35 AM CDT  

They don't need to. They have Armando Galarraga and Dontrelle Willis who were splitting starts anyway.

Anonymous 11:09 AM CDT  

What, you guys aren't comfortable with Galarraga and Willis?? lol..

Anonymous 10:11 PM CDT  

they will not need to make a trade. Gallaraga, Willis and Robertson will all be in the rotation instead of one of them in the bullpen.

Anonymous 10:19 PM CDT  

y do they need to trade? they have 5 starting pitchers still. Willis can go back to the rotation. And the Tigers still have several prospects in there system that teams would want.

tigsfan 10:36 PM CDT  

tis actually will allow dontrelle willis and armando galaraga to both stay in the rotation.

Nerd 10:43 AM CDT  

They already had Willis in the bullpen, no trade will happen cause our best pitcher (right now) is Galarraga, why ruin that?

Anonymous 1:08 PM CDT  

Why would the tigers make a trade? They had 6 starters before bonderman was hurt. Armando Galarraga has proven that he's ready to pitch in the big leagues and has been the team's best pitcher thus far.

Anonymous 7:40 AM CDT  

I'm not sure Jason Marquis is available. If the Cubs pick up a good #2 or 3 starter, he may become expendible. Right now, Hill and Marshall are both having problems in AAA and Lieber got rocked in his only start. As much as I'd like to, I don't see a replacement for Marquis just yet.