Quick Hits: Papi, Canseco, Lowe, MLB Draft

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quick Hits

  • The Red Sox are preparing for life without David Ortiz, and will look to the market for a replacement. If Ben Broussard isn't called up by today, he could be released. The Red Sox could look to him as a short term replacement. Other options include former Sox prospect Matt Murton, Rockies outfielder Ryan Spilborghs, and maybe free agents Sammy Sosa or Reggie Sanders. Spilborghs seems like a good fit.
  • Jose Canseco called out Curt Schilling to fight him in Las Vegas over the summer, also saying that the bloody sock was ketchup. If Canseco is serious about fighting, I recommend he fights Kimbo Slice.
  • According to a source, Mariners scouts were watching Derek Lowe pitch last night at the Dodgers game, suggesting that they may be interested in bringing back the veteran starter. If the Mariners can turn their season around, maybe they make this deal. As of right now though, I doubt it.
  • I am setting up a live chat via phone for anyone who wants to talk about the draft on Thursday. Make sure to call in with questions and comments. More details soon.


Anonymous 2:55 PM CDT  

how about barry bonds being an option its not too out there

Anonymous 7:12 PM CDT  

I would be interested to hear who your source is that had the Derek Lowe info. The Dodgers are big on keeping free agents to be like him for the draft pick (especially when a guy like Lowe isn't going to net all that much in a trade) and the Dodgers are only 3.5 back and are in no position to trade starting pitching.

Eli 8:25 PM CDT  

I doubt it at the moment, but if they fall out of contention, I wouldn't be surprised.

Bucky, NY 4:51 PM CDT  

The Redsox will stay with Chris Carter/ Brandon Moss for now. Manny likes to DH and it gives Coco some playing time and the overall team speed is bumped up 10 fold.

David Weitzman 9:25 PM CDT  

hey eli, what do you think about the red sox picking up a guy named Barry Bonds to fill in for David Ortiz? Is that plausible?