Wang Out 6 Weeks, Maybe More

Monday, June 16, 2008

Yankees ace Chien-Ming Wang is out atleast 6 weeks with a partially torn tendon and sprained foot after running the bases in Houston last night. This is a tough blow for an already thin Yankees rotation and will only fuel speculation that the team will make a serious run at C.C. Sabathia.


KevinGillman 4:20 PM CDT  

With the Indians only 5 1/2 games out, I doubt they are going to trade C.C. especially if they can try one more try to get him to stay.

Anonymous 8:11 PM CDT  

what happend to the pictures? are you at camp already?

Anonymous 10:06 PM CDT  

What's up with the absence of pictures accompanying each post?

Anonymous 7:36 AM CDT  

Willie Randolph Fired along with Rick Peterson and 1st base Coach

Dan da Man 6:39 PM CDT  

Say it will me Horne

Anonymous 10:28 PM CDT  

Wang out!