Breaking News: Mets Fire Randolph

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Mets fired manager Willie Randolph as well as pitching coach Rick Peterson. Bench coach Jerry Manuel will take over as the interim manager. There was speculation of this move for weeks but it came at a very odd time. After just completing a homestand and heading out west, you would expect that if this decision was going to be made it would be with him at home. Instead, they let him go out to California and fired him at 12:15 AM? Very puzzling and, in my opinion, somewhat unprofessional of the Mets front office. If the Mets don't improve going forward, you can expect to hear rumblings that Omar Minaya may be next.


Anonymous 9:18 AM CDT  

You wrote Jerry Manuel instead of Willie Randolph.

Anonymous 9:21 AM CDT  

Jerry Manuel is not the hitting coach...

He's the bench coach.

Anonymous 10:38 AM CDT  

i think you meant they fired manager willie randolph not manager jerry manuel

Anonymous 11:11 AM CDT  

The Mets fired Randolph, Rick Peterson Pitching Coach, and First Base coach. According to ESPN BBTN show last night, there was considerable backbiting within the Mets Front Office and the Manager and Coaches. I would image these guys are relived that this whole mess is over now.

Anonymous 11:26 AM CDT  

Wait, the fired manuel but he'll still be the interim head coach?

Anonymous 12:12 PM CDT  

Do you think Willie would take a 3rd base coach job? Wave ‘em home was an okay manager but a very good 3rd base coach. Meacham is not good at all. He’s cost us outs and runs all season. Hire Willie back! The Bronx is his real home anyway.


Anonymous 2:48 PM CDT  

Rick Peterson to Barry Zito! As his personal pitching coach!

Anonymous 3:10 PM CDT  

The Mets handled the firing in the worst way possible. They fired him at like 3 in the morning by sending out a press release. They didn't even tell Randolph personally, he found out from the media. And that's right after sending him out all the way out to LA. It's like they're trying to prevent any contact with Willie, but it just makes everything worse. I think the whole front office needs to be fired too now.