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Monday, June 23, 2008

Mark Ellis to Reds to shore up second base or possibly shortstop, where Alex Gonzalez is just average.

Are the Rays interested in Randy Wolf for some pitching help?


Shawn 6:48 PM CDT  

Why would the Reds want Ellis when they already have a superior 2B in Phillips. Gonzalez hasn't played SS all year and there is talk of him going into retirement even.

Keppinger while not flashy with the glove does get the job done for the most part though.

I think the Reds have bigger needs then bringing in a 2B and moving him to SS.

Yaow 7:55 PM CDT  

I thought Alex Gonzalez was out for good. Havent seen him much lately.

Hence the Hairston, Janish, Keppenger, Cabrera rotation @ short.

And I think that Keppenger and Hairston were doing great jobs at short too.

Philips in my opinion is the best 2nd baseman in baseball so I doubt Ellis will get much playing time there.

That would make no sense for the Reds to get a player that to me.