Derek Jeter headed to First Base??

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Could Jeter's days as a shortstop be numbered? Voted Most Over-rated Player by Sports Illustrated last week, Jeter's numbers have been down from year's past. His .279 batting average is not commensurate with his distinction as the highest paid shortstop in the game. While this may seem far fetched, if there was any team in the league that could compensate for Jeter's lack of power as a first basemen it would be they Yankees. This is not to say this move should be made immediately, but as Jeter's defense grows worse it would be wise to keep his leadership and presence on the team. Jeter has shown time and again what a great athlete he is so a transition to first wouldn't seem to be too difficult. Just some more food for thought. Also, I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I've had some personal things I've had to deal with the past few days and will be back to posting regularly.


Anonymous 3:29 PM CDT  

Sorry about the comment the other day about you not posting. I will continue to frequent your site. Also sorry to hear about the personal issues. Hope all is well.

Krycek 7:13 PM CDT  

Jeter should have moved to center once Bernie left. I am not a yankees fan but I would love to see Jeter robbing a hr or making a diving catch in the gap.

Anonymous 7:46 PM CDT  

you're an idiot, jeter is not going to first, ever. He'll become a center fielder over a 1b...You're yankee stuff is slways way off eli....Also sorry about your personal stuff, hope your website is a relief for you.

Anonymous 7:33 AM CDT  

It's your site, Eli. I don't always agree, but I respect your opinion. I recommend that you immediately delete any comments submitted by 11-year olds who start their comment with "you're an idiot." Only stupid people have difficulty separating their baseball opinions from personal attacks against people they disagree with.

Anonymous 10:26 AM CDT  

listen up idiot...i respect what eli does and wish i had the foresight to get started on something similar to him. I do not think eli is an idiot, it's just a little baseball talk...with that being said am I wrong about Jeter moving to he has had off the record talks with casman about it.Eli you do a very good job keep up the good work, there are no personal attacks, I do however find you to be completely off base when it come to yanks and red sox.

Anonymous 11:46 PM CDT  

Hey Ernie Banks moved from short to 1st base. So why not Jeter?
Cal Ripken moved to third and so did ARod.
It happens.

Anonymous 8:44 AM CDT  

for the want power on all corners..and they tend to hide players @ first ala giambi, also posada is slowly seeing innings there....jeters best trait is going back on the ball which makes him more of a candidate for center.not to mention i see a run at texeiera next year. he can make the move, it's not in the yankees plans for derek jeter to be a 1B

Anonymous 6:29 PM CDT  

ugh do NOT get Teixeira, he'd fall apart under the bright lights. Go get Sabathia!

Anonymous 11:52 PM CST  

If you look on ESPN insider, it says that the reason the Yankees are not interested in Prince Fielder is because they will eventually have to move Derek Jeter to first base.