Instant Replay Coming in August?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Is instant replay really coming to Major League Baseball? Top executives in the MLB operations offices, namely Rob Manfried, executive vice president of labor relations and Jimmie Lee Solomon, vice president in charge of baseball operations would like to see it instituted by mid-August. Not so fast, so says sources in Selig's office and John Hirschbeck, head of the World Umpires Association. This debate does not seem likely to be settled in a mere 6-8 weeks. Where do you stand on this issue, readers? Not just should it happen but should it happen in the middle of a season??


Anonymous 3:59 PM CDT  

it's not like it puts anyone at a disadvantage, yes it took away some hr's by not having it and therefore possible wins the right call will be made and i'm glad they are instituting it.

Dan da Man 4:39 PM CDT  

The sooner the better i hate when HR calls r wrong

Anonymous 5:43 PM CDT  

I think it's obvious that replay is going to come, so they should start it as soon as possible. And it's a good idea to do it before the playoffs so they can work out any problems with it before the playoffs.

Anonymous 8:44 PM CDT  

Instant replay will slow the game down. Instant reply has helped to make football even more boring than it already is. MLB officials wish to speed up the pace of the game, so why slow the game down with instant replay? The Major League umpires are well-trained and highly qualified to perform their duties. Blown calls are a part of the game, but I do not believe there are enough blown calls to institute Instant replay. Let instant replay stay in the NFL. Please keep instant reply out of our national past-time. Baseball is not broke, so please do not fix it.

Anonymous 10:38 AM CDT  

I think instant replay is way overdue. When games are decided by umpires who can't really see well enough. Considering the distance they are away from a homerun that is 200 or more feet away from where they are why not use it? Use a system similar to the NFL. A manager can use a flag system. If he wants to use the replay ask for it. But it can only be done say once or twice a game. If they still can't tell then the call stands as made by the umpire.

Anonymous 8:13 AM CDT  

Instant replay should be automatic - from the booth - on home-run calls. In cases where the ump CLEARLY blew it, there should be some penalty. Yes, human error is part of the game, but there's no place for stupid. We've seen that several times this year.