Should The Braves Sign Bonds?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

According to, the Braves should sign outfielder Barry Bonds. Replacing Gregor Blanco or Brandon Jones with Bonds would make the outfield and lineup so much better. Yes the press is an issue, but several players have said that Bonds is a good guy in the clubhouse. The biggest problem of course is Hank Aaron and the homerun issue. Would the fans embrace Bonds as he helps the Braves move closer to the playoffs or will they push him away and turn against the team? Bonds will probably not get picked up this season. But if he were, the Mariners and Braves make the most sense.


Anonymous 5:24 PM CDT  

I'm a diehard braves fan and have always said I don't want them to sign Bonds. but the guys in left aren't getting it done. Why mortgage the future to bring in someone like Jason Bay or Xavier Nady when you can sign Barry for a prorated portion of the league minimum? He instantly makes our lineup so much better. How good would Atlanta's offense be with Bonds in the 5th or sixth spot?

Anonymous 11:09 PM CDT  

Who cares about the fans in Atlanta? In their last playoff appearance, the games weren't even sold out. Some fans huh?????

Anonymous 11:34 AM CDT  

Bobby Cox would never put up with the Bonds factor and media circus that always surrounds Bonds. I doubt this deal would happen, because Bobby Cox has alot of pull in Atlanta.

Anonymous 3:43 PM CDT  

Bonds will NOT play MLB again, EVER! Write checks on it!