MLB Ump Suspended for One Game

Friday, June 27, 2008

MLB Umpire Brian Runge was suspended for one game after bumping Mets manager Jerry Manuel during a game last week. Carlos Beltran and Manuel were both fined for their involvement. While the umpire is supposed to be treated with respect and has the last word in any dispute, that doesn't entitle him to respond in a physical manner with anyone else on the field. Does anyone disagree out there?


Anonymous 10:32 AM CDT  

that's old news... must be a slow day

Bucky, NY 4:49 PM CDT  

Umpires ruin the game of baseball, they try to become superstars of their own. Shotty strike zones, bad calls, and over aggressive with tossing guys out and making a spectacle out of ejections.

Anonymous 6:48 PM CDT  

duh..... umps are not the smartest of men

Anonymous 7:25 AM CDT  

No disagreement from me. What I'd REALLY like to see are some fines and suspensions for poor performance. A good example is Angel Hernandez, who couldn't find the strike zone with a wooden cutout nailed in place. Why is this guy still umping major league games?