Long Term Deal For Dunn?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Reds have been overwhelmed lately by rookie sensation Jay Bruce, who is hitting .591 with 2 HR and 6 RBI in six games this season. But, free agent-to-be Adam Dunn is also hitting well hitting his fifteen homerun today. The Reds have a decision to make with Dunn: Either build a team around him and Jay Bruce, or trade him for a bunch of prospects. Dunn is just twenty-eight and is on pace for another forty homerun season, so it makes sense for the Reds to give him a long term deal. The Reds do not have much depth in their minor league system right now, so there isn't anyone that could replace him right away. The Reds offense is going to look very good next season, but they need to go out and get a pitcher behind Aaron Harang.

Once Griffey hits his 600th homerun, they will likely shop Griffey around. That trade alone should bring in good enough prospects for the future. The Mariners seem like the obvious destination.


Anonymous 7:25 PM CDT  

they need a starter behind Harang? No, not really, maybe a someone to fill the fifth spot. They'll have Harang, Volquez, and Cueto still. Plus, Homer Bailey, Thomson, and Maloney will be ready to go. Oh, and they still have Bronson Arroyo. Why do they need more? If anything, they might want to trade one

KG 12:55 PM CDT  

I don't see the Reds paying Dunn what he will command on the open market.

Buckky, NY 5:34 PM CDT  

Jay Bruce is the real deal, Dunn could benefit by moving to the AL to DH. But keeping him makes a lot of sense, unless you can get a front line starter in return. They are building something nice in Cincy. Just need some starting pitching.

Anonymous 1:07 PM CDT  

Griffey will "bring in good enough prospects for the future"?! Really? Have you seen him play this year. There isn't a whole lot left in the tank. Check out his power stats from 2007 All-Star break to the present & you'll see he has little trade value at this point. The Reds need to dump him for whatever they can get & to wherever he'll consent to be traded.