Astros Put Chacon on Waivers

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Astros wasted no time dumping Shawn Chacon yesterday, one day after his altercation with GM Ed Wade. He has until Monday to be picked up by another team. If he is not, the Astros have said they will terminate his contract for cause, which will lead to a confrontation with the players' association over the $983,607 remainder of his contract.


Anonymous 10:38 AM CDT  

Chacon should consider himself lucky to even have competed with a major league team. He's pitched more like an independent team pitcher for most all of his career, despite a few lucky streeks and a closer's job in Colorado, which he evetually ruined too.

This guy truly deserves to be released and the Astros are definitely going to be better off without him. He should also feel lucky that he wasn't charged with assualt.

Anonymous 12:54 PM CDT  

I'm not sure I would characterize Chacon's incident as an "altercation." I think "assault" fits much better, and the Astros would have been better served to have him arested and charged. Then the players union could provide a lawyer for his sorry rear-end.