Bedard to Giants?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Giants ace Barry Zito is turning into the worst signing in history, and the Giants are going to try and find a new ace. Erik Bedard is available and under contract so he would be a somewhat cheap upgrade for the Giants. Bedard is 4-4 this season with a 3.97 ERA in thirteen games, but would probably help the struggling Giants. The Giants are expected to make a big move at this trade deadline in hopes of building their team for the future. Adding someone like Bedard would help the Giants improve their young and unproven pitching staff.


Fred 8:36 PM CDT  

Is there a source to support this paragraph? Just wondering

Anonymous 9:03 PM CDT  

Why would the Giants do that? It doesn't make any sense. Pitching is one of the few things the Giants have, it would make more sense to try and land a young bat.

Tahoe Kid 9:00 AM CDT  

"...young and unproven pitching staff." You obviously are not paying much attention to the Giants. Lincecum: 9-1, 2.38 ERA and leads the NL (and second in MLB) in K's (118 vs 43 BB's). Sanchez and Cain are in the top 10 in K's. Young and unproven? I prefer young and very promising. And if the Giants do a deal it will not be for a starting pitcher. They needs bats.

Bucky, NY 10:47 AM CDT  

The giants will not take on another guy who could fall apart like zito did. Bedard looks like he doesnt want to be a true professional and the Giants have enough of that already. So no

Gene 10:55 AM CDT  

I don't know about this one Eli. The Giants are in rebuilding mode despite being in first place and are looking to the future. Their rotation despite Zito is looking static though not great: Lincecum, Sanchez, Cain, Correia and Zito (in order of effectiveness). If the Giants "make a big move at this trade deadline," it'll be for a middle-of-the-lineup bat at 1B, 3B or a setup guy. Not a SP. They're sticking it out with Zito.

Anonymous 6:34 PM CDT  

Well I don't know. Why in the world would the Giants trade away what is turning out to be a very nice start to a Farm system for another pitcher??? Look at our big three in the rotation. Lincecum,Cain, Sanchez. All three are in the top 5 in strikeouts. Zito's last start showed that he definetly still has something. And Corriea deserves a chance. I mean if the Giants didn't have to give up that much I would do it. If the Mariners came knocking I'd offer...

Giants- Wendell Fairley, Jose Castillo, Tim Alderson and Dave Roberts.
Mariners-Erik Berdard, Adrian Beltre.
The only problem is... this is a dream trade for the Giants and will never happen. But 5 games out of 1st after stomping the A's today. Adding Bedard and Beltre to make a push doesn't sound all that bad. I don't know I'm rambling.
-Joe the Giants fan.

James 8:43 PM CDT  

--Joe the Giants fan

Dude that trade is not the dream of Giants fans. I would much rather stick with Castillo at third, and developing Alderson and Fairley in the minors than to get rid of Roberts.

Desite the pounding of the A's today (which I saw at McAfee), the Giants ARE NOT going to be a contender... We are under .500 and in the worst division in the MLB. 5 games out in the NL West does not make us a contender.

Rebuilding needs & should be the goal of the squad. THe Giants have started this by actually developing a farm system through the draft. Now they need to rid of the aging vets that are not in the immediate need (Winn blocking Schierholtz for example).

Not Contending, but REBUILDING

Anonymous 11:14 PM CDT  

Again Eli, you do need to find a better source in the Giants orginazation or just stop with this crap. Check out what the young arms are doing in the Giants farm system. They'll make Cain and Sanchez expendable. No, Bedard will go to a contender or a deep pocket team.