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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is it just me or do you find it hard to believe how many of these supposedly highly-tuned athletes are continually getting hurt and doing time on the DL list or worse, facing surgeries? This week's list includesTroy Tulowitzki-torn quadrucep tendon, Rafael Furcal-back, Jake Peavy- elbow,Tom Glavine- elbow,Albert Pujols-calf, Putz- elbow and John Smoltz, who may be looking at the end of his career after more damage to his labrum. History tells us that the greats of days past, as recently as the 60's, 70's and even into the 80's were not missing so many games because of 'pulled' this and 'strained' that. What are they doing in the off-season and spring training that is not allowing them to be in god enough shape to avoid these kinds of problems? Take a guy like Greg Maddox or even Carlos Zambrano, one near the beginning of his career and one near the end. What are they doing that these other guys aren't to keep themselves in good health?


ME 5:10 PM CDT  

Hmmm why certain players get hurt and why others don’t

1. Genes family genes can help or hurt a players health during their careers if a player has a healthy family it’s likely he will be a healthy not injured player but if the player has bad genes he has a better chance of getting hurt

2. For pitchers its all about the delivery if the pitcher has a violent delivery increases the chance of being hurt but a delivery like Rivera it’s simple and doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the arm

3. and last but not least the type of player the person is if he is a tough hard nose player that dives for balls and runs into walls it will increase their chances of getting hurt compared to someone who avoids diving and running into walls

The Man 5:40 PM CDT  

Because back in the 60's and 70's they didn't have MRI's, and players PLAYED through these injuries.

Anonymous 6:52 PM CDT  

Greg Maddux & Carlos Zambrano both (one former) Cubs players. You are a Cubs fan

Anonymous 11:24 PM CDT  

Too much weight lifting and not enough flexiblity training in the off-season. Also better medical diagnostics to find out if a player has damaged his muscle structure. Personally, the guys that stay more flexibly and condition for endurance and muscle elasticity are the ones that stay healthy.

Anonymous 7:32 AM CDT  

I agree totally. It's amazing how many high paid pansies need to sit out at the slightest "boo-boo." It's funny how the guys in the local softball league bust it despite minor injuries and worse, just for the chance to play for free, while "pros" who make a salary the rest of us only dream about need a month on the DL (at full pay) for a hangnail.

Anonymous 9:59 AM CDT  

I agree with "the man," they played thru their injuries time and time again. I'm sorry, but players, trainers and coaches are all pansies these days and so quick to place their players on the DL. Call it caution or a $$ issue, but it's lame and hurting the game and each team. Example: Furcal...he will not come back until he is %100 percent healthy. This in my opinion is more of a career move than team move. Because of this injury the Dodger offense is BEYOND horrible. TO ALL YOU PLAYERS. GRAB A PAIR AND PLAY THRU IT!

Phil 10:49 AM CDT  

It depends on the injury. Like last year Utley broke his hand on an injured ball, and he finished the game out!!! He didn't even want to go on the DL, but Charlie Manuel made him do it because he didn't want Utley's career to be ended if his hand worsened. We need more players like Chase Utley. I agree with Charlie Manuel. But a lot of these guys won't play if they have a sprained finger. They are all a bunch of pansies.