Quick Hits: Lofton, Roberts, Bedard, Viciedo

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Quick Hits:

  • Kenny Lofton is starting to pick up more interest on the market. The White Sox are somewhat interested, but will likely test some of their minor leaguers out first. Jerry Owens is fast and an above average fielder, so he could make for a good addition with the Sox.
  • The Brian Roberts talks are back and Ken Rosenthal suggests a move to the Brewers for Rickie Weeks would be good. It would give the Brewers the leadoff man they need, and it would give the Orioles a young, hard hitting second baseman.
  • The Mariners might consider trading Bedard at the deadline if he expresses no desire to come back with the club. He has had some trouble adjusting to catcher Kenji Johjima, who recently signed a three year deal.
  • Cuban star Dayan Viciedo is in Miami and might work out for a couple of baseball teams over the next month. He can be signed after July 1st, and it would be interesting to see who reaches out and signs him.


Anonymous 2:30 PM CDT  

Dayan Viciedo is concider the best young player of Cuba, just arrived to Miami two weeks ago Dayan the susesor of Omar LInares one of the best baseball player of all times in Cuba. Dayan came to Miami with all his family with only one goal play in the major leagues, with only 19 years old, 210 pounds and 6/2 h, is a tremendous potential for any team that which to win. Now his manager is been to get propositions of many leagues to sing him to play. Truly Dayan is the best player of Cuba and lucky for been the best and arrived on time to this country.

Anonymous 3:06 PM CDT  

Viciedo's status is up in the air. It has yet to be determined by the mlbpa if he must enter the 2009 draft.

Anonymous 6:39 PM CDT  

Is there a link to Ken Rosenthal saying any of this? Couldn't find it on Fox Sports.

Jason 9:18 AM CDT  

Weeks for Roberts would be retarded! Weeks still has a high ceiling, and as bad as he's been, his career OBP is still just .001 lower than Roberts'.

UTP 1:36 PM CDT  

Kenny Lofton comes season after season and every year maintains his lead-offs and steals and excellent outfield play...

he is a great...who is never in the news like a GREAT somehow...

Anonymous 11:21 PM CDT  

The Weeks Roberts trade will not happen according to Doug Melvin. He told the Milwaukee JS that they are not scouting Roberts or talking about a trade. He also said in the spring the Orioles tried to get the Brewers in the mix to drive up the price for the Cubs. I wonder if that is what they are trying to do again.