Will Teixeira Stay or Go?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Depending on how the next month goes for the Braves, Atlanta has some thinking to do about Mark Teixeira. If they can make a run for the playoffs, he will be needed and then they can go the arbitration route in the fall, but if they fade, then they might be able to deal him for something of value.


Anonymous 1:44 PM CDT  

Hey nobody thought the Braves could keep Tim Hudson but they did. So its up to Braves management if they want to spend the money on him.

Anonymous 3:17 PM CDT  

Ummm, actually, the Braves have recently said that they are NOT going to trade Tex, whether they fall out or not, they won't get anything of value, and perfer the 2 high draft picks for him. Also, there is the matter of the Braves losing close to 50 million off the books. They may resign him.

Bucky, NY 4:47 PM CDT  

I could see him resign for around:
5 yr 17 per with the Braves
He could get on the open market:
6 yr 18 per with the Mets/Yanks/Orioles/Angles

I would love to see him stay in the NL and bump the trend of guys leaving for bright lights and big cash. Loyalty is gone in baseball.