Angels Concede Cabrera, After Tejada

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It appears the Angels have given up on acquiring Miguel Cabrera and are now focused on Miguel Tejada. Sources are saying talks have not gotten to specifics, but it makes sense that they would turn to Tejada. But where does Brandon Wood fit in? Or Chone Figgins? It is possible they would play Wood at short, Figgins at third, and play Tejada at DH. That would keep the team together and give Wood a spot to shine. The Angels nearly acquired Tejada from the Orioles back in 2006 for Ervin Santana and Erik Aybar, but that deal fell through. The Orioles hope they can trade Tejada before the end of the off season and this seems like a perfect fit. The Orioles could get Ervin Santana, Howie Kendrick, Chris Bootcheck, and maybe Sean O'Sullivan and shed some cash to spend elsewhere while the Angels get the big bat they need. "We're dealing from a position of strength, and we're confident that we'll be able to get the bat that we're looking for," Angels manager Mike Scioscia said from his California home last night. I expect something to get done around the Winter Meetings in two weeks.

UPDATE: According to MLB Rumors Corresponent Tim Wallace, the Orioles have opened talks with shortstop Cesar Izturis suggesting that they are in talks with the Angels.


Bucky , NY 6:23 PM CST  

If Kendrick is in this deal, the GM should be fired. Tejeda is a steroid shell of his former self, just look at the numbers, they speak for themselves. Just let the kids fill the infield and bring in a DH or put Anderson in the spot.

Anonymous 11:49 AM CST  

How does opening talks with Cesar Izturis suggest they are in talks with the Angels? Because Maicer is on the Angels?

Pretty tenuous link.

Josh Jones 8:18 PM CST  

Angels will get Miguel Cabrera, trust me

Anonymous 3:18 PM CST  

Uhh no offense but Eli is kinda an idiot. Miguel Tejada has greatly regressed both as a hitter and as a shortstop. He can no longer produce the type of power numbers that he previously could, and he might not even be a passable shortstop anymore. The odds of the Angels even considering moving Howie Kendrick for Miguel Tejada are insanely low. Kendrick could be better than Tejada as soon as next year, and at a more valuable position at 2B. Not only that but then you're gonna add Santana, Bootcheck and another guy? Really? no way. I would say Aybar and Joe Saunders, and then if the O's say no then add a Terry Evans or a Nathan Haynes from your outfield surplus to get the deal done. Tejada is not the player he once was, and his price tag should change accordingly