Kei Igawa To Padres?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

It appears that Andy Pettitte will retire opening a spot for Ian Kennedy in the rotation. Although it is not official, I am hearing that is what he is leaning towards. Kei Igawa is the sixth man in the rotation as of right now and will probably move to the bullpen. However, many teams are inquiring about Igawa which makes me think they will trade him. Igawa is making four million a year and will not be a free agent until 2011, so he is worth taking a chance on. The Padres inquired about him in August, but could not work anything out. A couple teams I expect to be interested include the Diamondbacks and Twins, who are both in need of pitching, and the Mariners and Marlins. Igawa was not impressive this season going 2-3 with a 6.25 ERA and 53 K in 14 games, but he is capable of being successful. It would only cost them two low-level prospects and force them to pay for some of his contract.


Anonymous 11:14 PM CST  

Twins intersted in Igawa? We have good starting pitching right now, and even when we trade Santana there will be a mid rotation ready prospect in that trade. The Twins are looking to fill the DH and 3b hole.

Anonymous 11:16 PM CST  

Last time i checked, the twins are in dyer need of pitching.

Anonymous 12:09 AM CST  

Lol, dyer need? Liriano, Bonser, Baker, Blackburn, Slowey, Perkins, and Santana. Yeah were trading a future #2 starter (Garza) for position players and working on dealing the best pitcher in baseball, yeah that sounds like a team in dyer need. Twins are in dyer need of a 3b or SS, CF and a DH. Obviously you dont know anything about the Twins but Terry Ryan has given Bill Smith a surplus of pitching to work with this off season. I know those aren't all great prospects, but there good and half the teams in MLB would love to have that rotation.

GOD 8:28 AM CST  

no the twins have tons of of pitching in the minors

Anonymous 9:14 AM CST  

twins need pitching...yankees will not pick up a dime of igawa's contract...the posting fee is paid and 4 million for a starter until 2011 is the only reason he's valuable...and he is not the 6th man, he may not even be the seventh man.

Anonymous 4:45 PM CST  

for just 4 million per he is a bargain. the guy was a stud in Japan and he could be a sucessful back end of the rotation guy for some team in the future. i think for 2 low level prospects every team with pitching uncertainty should be interested.

Anonymous 5:12 PM CST  

honestly, the Twins do not need pitching, were trading pitching for position players. Even if we trade Santana a mid-rotation ready prospect will be in that deal. We have plenty of pitchers in our farm that surpass Kei's potential, so why would we pay 4 million for him? Also 4 million is a lot for the Twins to pay a back end rotation guy, if we did trade Santana Kei would be close if not our highest paid pitcher, but he'd be or 4th or 5th starter? yeah that makes sense.