Ian Stewart At Second Base?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Rockies plan to keep Garrett Atkins after toying with the idea of trading him to make room for top prospect Ian Stewart. This is a good move on O'Dowd's part to hold on Atkins, who keeps the core players together in hopes of another run at the World Series. Stewart is young, but has never played second base at the professional level and it may effect how comfortable he is while trying to adjust. They probably will not be able to keep both Torrealba and Matsui before the Wednesday deadline, especially because there is so much interest in both players. They will probably go after Michael Barrett if Torrealba leaves which could turn out to be one of the best signings in the off season. I do not think they are ready to trade either Atkins or Stewart, so starting Stewart at Triple-A playing him at second base might be an option. Once he gets comfortable playing there and is still hitting well, then call him up and ease him into the role. We will see what the Rockies do, but this is what I think.

Let me know what you think they should do with Ian Stewart.

Yankees, Posada Close to Deal: "We're really close," Posada told reporters. "It's not about the money. For me, it's the best situation." My guess is it is a three year deal, worth 40-45 million dollars with an option for a fourth year.


Anonymous 8:47 AM CST  

wow you really think they have moving him to 2nd base when the rockies pretty much said they were. i love how you think this is what they will do after the rockies pretty much made it a given that they were not trading atkins and were planning on moving ian to 2nd. this is not old news people have known aboutthis for some time now. another great report from you eli. whats going to be next? maybe you will post something that says I think the red sox should resign curt schilling for the 2008 season.

Anonymous 10:59 AM CST  

ouch good thing im ain't a sport writer anyways good luck eli

Anonymous 11:05 AM CST  

eli why dont you post something that is not old news? people have known about this for a while now. for you to even post this on here saying you think this is what will happen just makes you look bad

Anonymous 12:12 PM CST  

read about this at least 2 weeks ago. Tell us some we can't read on MLB.com or Rotoworld

Anonymous 3:00 PM CST  

Who cares about the Rockies anyway!