Yankees to Release Pavano

Sunday, November 11, 2007

One could argue the biggest mistake the Yankees made since 2000 was signing Carl Pavano to a four year contract worth 39.95 million dollars. Well the Yankees plan to put that behind them, and release Pavano sometime before the November 20th deadline so they can have a spot open on their forty-man roster. Some speculate that they will hold on to Pavano and let him get healthy before trading him. But that wouldn't make much sense because no one would trade for an eleven million dollar man who has gone 5-6 with a 4.77 ERA in four years. I assume they will drop him early to make room to protect Jeffery Marquez from the Rule V, especially because there are younger players who signed major league contracts who cannot be moved. If Pavano is released, I doubt there will not be interest. Why not dish out a invitation to Spring Training to this guy? He pitched in a World Series, he is now a veteran, and would cost next to nothing. It wouldn't surprise me to see the Cardinals or Marlins jump on him. The Marlins are careful where they spend their money and could do it to bring back a veteran arm. The Cardinals tried very hard to land Pavano four years ago and could do it again at a reduced price.


Anonymous 12:34 PM CST  

eli, do your research before you post. pavano had tommy john surgery and will not be able to pitch next year. you are an idiot.

Anonymous 1:57 PM CST  

he could be in by the end of the season...why is he an idiot? he has done all of this. no where does he say he will have a spot given, just an opportunity.

Eli 1:58 PM CST  

i dont appreciate being call an idiot simply because you think he will not pitch next season. i have heard that he could be back by september, so are you the idiot? i guess we will have to wait and see.

cincyiscool 2:44 PM CST  

because you said to invite him to spring training

Anonymous 5:37 PM CST  

you're an idiot because, like cincyiscool pointed out, you want him to be invited to spring training. no team would ever invite someone who isnt going to be ready to pitch until september to spring training. secondly, you say that the yankees might wait and hold on to Pavano and let him get healthy before trading him. he wont be healthy until, according to you, September. noone is going to trade for him in september. so again, i point out that fact, you are an idiot.

Anonymous 6:15 PM CST  

the article also states if your a quick healer you could be able to pitch in september and the article also states that pavano is not a quick healer. so odds of him being healthy by sepember are very very slim. To even suggest also the marlins would bring him back is a joke. why would they? pavano is the perfect case of a pitcher having his best year during a contract year. other that than he never pitched a full season with a winning record. pavano had his 2 years with back to back 200 inning years other than that he has never gone over 135 innings a season. also just cause the cards went after him when he was a free agent doesn't mean they will go after him now. i remember the red sox went after him when he was a free agent so why not speculate that they will go after him as well?

Tubehead 8:59 PM CST  

'nonymous really gave Eli the what-for. And to see him compound his mistake by mentioning that Pavano could be back by September when the post talked about inviting Pavano to spring training was priceless. Now billions upon untold billions can, through the magic of cyberspace, see what a T-A-R-D you is, Eli.

You only want to reveal being a mental defective in private, if at all possible.

Anonymous 7:36 AM CST  

where is your response eli? or did you realize we are all right and you are in fact a moron.

Anonymous 10:44 AM CST  

To the poster above: Living on your parents' couch must be fun and all, but why come here repeatedly to read Eli's posts if you don't like them? I know i know, you like to see how "stupid" he is. Well until you have your own blog, accumulate inside sources, and form connections with major league baseball clubs, stick to taking out the garbage for mom and dad. That is all.

Anonymous 10:50 AM CST  

hahaha feels good bashing a 14 year old huh? i just find it amazing that someone like eli, who has all these "inside sources" and "connections", is continuously proved wrong by a 14 year old with non of those benifets. it gives me hope that my dream of being a baseball reporter could come true if a guy like eli can make it then i know i will have a great shot.

Eli 6:25 PM CST  

If you think I am a moron and do not enjoy my content before it goes mainstream-stop coming.

Anonymous 6:25 PM CST  

but eli, it makes peoples day to come here and bash you because they have nothing else to do.

most people are jealous and soon to be stars on the show "To Catch a Predator"


i think u r a moron and i come here because i like to know i am smarter then a least one person in the world

Eli 7:10 PM CST  

i am moron because my opinions are different then yours. when you establish connects around baseball, let's talk.

I AM GOD 7:56 PM CST  

i dont have any connections in baseball but i know 1. u throw around that baseball connects so that makes me think u r Compensating for something like the fact u have no conntects
2. its takes more then a year before u can pitch again after TJ so he had TJ in may and guess what april is LESS then a year from may ok he will not get any ST calls

Anonymous 8:09 PM CST  

Jesus, can I come in here for an actual serious baseball chat without this childish banter of 'idiot' and 'tard' constantly? I saw there were 14 comments and I thought it would be seriously related to Pavano chat, not bashing the person who runs the blog. Who cares if Eli gets something wrong now and then? Do you analyze every word he says extra carefully just because ESPN or SI is not behind the website?

Eli, thanks for the website. I find it entertaining and a damn good bonus read to the standard sports news.

- If Pavano were floating around and the Yankees were paying his wage or if he were a free agent, I would invite him to spring training and let him throw a ball for my team. Why does this sound outrageous, if it's this year or whenever? People do bounce back.

Anonymous 8:12 PM CST  

they may bonuce back but it takes almost a year before u can start to throw off a mound let alone pitch

Anonymous 8:14 PM CST  

athletes are super human-look at dewade, or ryan dempster. all came back earlier than expected. it can happen, and it is worth a shot i think.

Anonymous 8:28 PM CST  

u do know who pavano is right

Anonymous 3:21 PM CST  

I find it very funny that everyone is bashing Eli yet it appears you all come to his site for insight on trade and free agent rumors. If Eli is an idiot what does that make you guys. And don't try to make excuses for coming here...if it's for anything other than I stated above then you need to get a hobby. I hear Word of Warcraft is fun. Keep up the good work Eli!