Athletics Trade Scutaro

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Athletics traded Marco Scutaro to the Blue Jays for Graham Godfrey and Kristian Bell. The Athletics are shedding some cash with this trade and are acquiring a pair of relievers as they try to rebuild their bullpen. Godfrey was 6-7 with a 3.98 ERA and 74 K, and is just 23 while Bell was 3-7 with a 5.33 ERA and 46 K in High-A. He is also just 23 but does not show as much promise as Godfrey. Scutaro is very versatile and will definitely help the Blue Jays while GM Billy Beane hopes these relievers, who were probably hand picked by him, can help improve the bullpen.


Anonymous 2:43 PM CST  

a's suck

Anonymous 3:06 PM CST  

the oakland a's are turning into the oakland gay's. trading away another fan favorite - - for a couple of unimpressive prospects it seems.

i'm losing so much faith in the a's front office right now.

Anonymous 5:22 PM CST  

what do you expect from a loser franchise??

a's suck

Anonymous 5:43 PM CST  

isnt A's gm the best in mlb?

Anonymous 9:54 PM CST  

Veronica Mars plays baseball? Awesome!

Anonymous 10:09 PM CST  

a's gm thinks he's the best in mlb ... he and a's suck

Anonymous 10:23 AM CST  

only thing this pathetic franchise knows how to do is cut costs! no wonder their home attendance is 26th out of 30 in MLB. pathetic!

that's why they call them the chokeland pathetics!

Anonymous 12:25 PM CST  

must be an angels fan