BREAKING NEWS: Bonds Indicted

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Former Giants Outfielder and Homerun King Barry Bonds has been charged with perjury and obstruction of justice, according to "During the criminal investigation, evidence was obtained including positive tests for the presence of anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing substances for Bonds and other athletes," the indictment read. The grand jury has been working vigorously for the past several months to complete this indictment, and I'm sure this will draw more interest than the Mitchell Report. The indictment charged Bonds with lying when he said he didn't knowingly take steroids given to him by his trainer. It is always innocent until proven guilty, and although some disagree, that is my stand on the whole thing.



Krycek 5:49 PM CST  

I hope who ever caught his last HR ball hangs on to it because no team will want to sign him now.

Anonymous 6:33 PM CST  


Anonymous 6:35 PM CST  

it is a sad day in sports

Anonymous 6:43 PM CST  

I agree it is a sad day for baseball especially. These guys who cheat ruin things for the majority of players who play it straight.
Maybe they should take away all of Bonds records he accomplished since he testified in court and lied. If they prove him guilty that is of course.

Eli 7:27 PM CST  

look down the site some.

timy1 9:11 PM CST  

he's most likely guilty. I'm a huge Bonds and Giants fan, and i think he deserves it. Now once the Bonds thing is settled, go for everyone else. Does Giambi, Sheffield, and McGuire ring a bell?

Anonymous 11:48 PM CST  

Hey idiot (6:43), more than 70% of players are on some kind of enhancer. Wake up and smell the juice dummy.

Anonymous 2:50 PM CST  

Eli it was a smart thing to start moderating your comments. I also noticed bam has been moderating his comments, but the NBA guy doesnt. i think the NBA guy needs to cuz a lot of his articles are getting crap from readers.

GOD 9:12 PM CST  

i dont see the need to censor the comments because then u only get the feedback of what he wants but thats not y i am here how in the hell is this a sad day for baseball i think its great because the Bonds news next year (hopfully) is him going to jail

Eli 11:57 PM CST  

i censor them because i did not like how negative they were getting-they should be baseball related. i post all that disagree and agree with me-just not the ruthless bashing.

Anonymous 9:41 PM CST  

a's suck