Braves Eyeing Pitchers Glavine, Silva

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Braves are eyeing pitchers now that they can negotiate with other players, and plan to meet with Tom Glavine tomorrow. This comes as no surprise and they should get a deal done in the next couple of weeks. I'm sure he will ask for a deal similar to Greg Maddux's, maybe a little higher. They have also talked with Carlos Silva initially, but may pass if his price rises too high. They were scouting him back in July, which makes me think they may offer him a contract. I expect the Mariners to jump in on Silva. They are desperate for pitching and will probably sign for a Gil Meche-type deal. The Braves do have Jair Jurrjens, so I do not expect them to go for Silva hard, but expect them to look into a center fielder. At first, I was thinking Mike Cameron. But because of his recent stimulant allegation he is probably returning to San Diego. I haven't talked with anyone from the Braves, but one NL GM said it wouldn't surprise him if they expressed interest in former Brave Kenny Lofton. He believes Lofton would give them the option of bringing one of their younger players up to be mentored by Lofton. It also gives them the option to trade him to a contender like he was this past season. Another option is utilty man Alexei Ramirez, who can play outfield and some infield. In the next couple weeks, we will find out where the Braves stand on some of the issues, and where new GM Frank Wren plans to take the team.


Anonymous 10:34 PM CST  

as a braves fan, i would not mind lofton for one year.

Anonymous 4:26 PM CST  

A couple issues here:

1) Frank Wren has effectively said that the Braves will sign one free agent starter, and then call it a pitching staff. The free agent will be Glavine, not Silva.

2) Frank Wren has also emphasized that he's not interested in a free agent center fielder. Lofton is, of course, a free agent. Not to mention the Braves front office has quite a history of not getting along with Lofton.

3) As far as I can tell, Alexei Ramirez has not filed for free agency. I'm not aware that he can still do so.

Eli 6:47 PM CST  

he is in the process of coming over. i think he is getting a visa from the DR, ill keep you posted.

as for wren, dont ever take a gm for his word. they change their mind all the time.

Anonymous 8:13 PM CST  

i wouldn't mind glavine or lofton, but not so sure about silva