Report: Yankees, A-Rod Reach Agreement

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

According to Peter Abraham of the Journal News, the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez have all but finalized a 10 year deal, worth 275 million dollars. Certainly a good deal for A-Rod, who not only saves face but gets a fresh new deal that he worked out on his own. I have heard different numbers, but we know that the numbers range from 22 million to 27 million annually. It wouldn't surprise me if he took a pay cut out of respect because he caused the Yankees to lose 21 million dollars from the Rangers because he opted out. For now, it is a preliminary agreement as they still work on the numbers, but A-Rod will be a Yankee for a very long time To be honest, my free agent predictions initially had A-Rod staying with the Yankees, but I changed them. I should have stuck with my gut, right? Now the Yankees need to sign Mariano Rivera, trade Johnny Damon, and work on bringing back Andy Pettitte. The Yankees are looking pretty good if their younger guys can stay healthy, and hopefully Joe Girardi can control the Yankees, who will be on a tight leash early on.

Lowell Still Coming?: It appears that Mike Lowell is on his way out of Boston. According to sources out of Boston, he has received four year offers from Boston, St. Louis, Anaheim, and the Yankees. It sounds ridiculous, but the Yankees have an opening at first base and could bring in Lowell, who would make the Yankees a lot better. He could play first base, which might extend his career some, and it would hit the Red Sox hard, who would then have to either trade for something, or settle for something much less the Lowell. I'm sure a deal would be a four year deal, worth about 60 million to get him to come to New York and play first base.


Roger 3:08 AM CST  

I really don't think that trading Damon is a good idea. He is a good leadoff having OBP, power and wider defense range. He might be poor at arm strength than Melky, but switching him to LF and having Matsui share DH with big G is also a good move.

Melky's offense is not as good as his defense. He has poor on-base percentage, and his SLG is below league average. If having him become our regular CF, then we must sacrifice our lineup offense. You guys might say that Melky is younger and his offense still can be improved, but I think he is what we've seen now. He is just an average hitter having no power with better defense.

If I were Cashman, I would keep Damon and switch him to LF. That would be better than trading him and sacrifice our offense.

Eli 8:57 AM CST  

um no they are not...check it out

GOD 11:19 AM CST  

this is not going to trash u

ok eli u must know that there is not an open spot at first base with

Jason G sharing DH spot with Matsui because if the yanks traded Damon they wouldnt have a leadoff hitter and jason has to play first then u have andy phillips and shelly duncan so 1B is OVERCROWDED

Eli 11:52 AM CST  

i know, but i think they will look into the possibility.

Krycek 1:06 PM CST  

Why would Lowell want to leave Boston if he got the 4th year that he was looking for? I always thought that he was a classy guy and if he got what he want then there is no reason to move on.

GOD 2:38 PM CST  

its all about the money i know they r looking at him i just dont want to beleave it he sucks away from fenway