Pierre Drawing Interest

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Dodgers are apparently shopping Juan Pierre in hopes of finding a team willing to take on his contract. Pierre signed a five year deal worth 44 million dollars and after batting .293 with 0 HR, 41 RBI, and 64 SB, they will look for someone with more power. I would not be surprised if teams were interested in Pierre, but only if the Dodgers took on much of the contract. From what I am hearing, the Dodgers are calling around to half a dozen teams hoping that they will discuss it more at next week's Winter Meetings, which I will be attending. It would not surprise me to hear the Padres, Reds, Orioles, and Brewers on the list of teams interested. The Padres are looking for an outfielder and could trade for Pierre to roam center field. The Reds, who are managed by Dusty Baker, a favorite of Pierre's, could offer up Josh Hamilton and another prospect or two and land Pierre. The Orioles and Brewers are both looking for center fielders and do have the young pitching that would entice the Dodgers. I do not think Pierre will be traded, bu we will find out more at the Winter Meetings.


TV Guy 8:55 PM CST  

Well, if the Dodgers are trying to dump salary..should us Dodger fans take that as a good thing or a bad thing? Hmm....

Fletch 10:40 PM CST  

dumping a bad contract is a wise move. Pierre's arm is a liability in the field and he's losing a step speed-wise. He's not worth all that money.

What'll he be like in another 4 years?

Anonymous 12:14 AM CST  

This is why people shouldn't knock the Twins for not giving Torii Hunter the 5-6 years he wanted. He has 2 good years left, most likely will be moved from CF in 3 years, and his offense will begin to decline too. Great player for the next 2-3 years, but is it worth paying him that much when he starts his decline? I guarantee in 3 years people will be calling for a salary dump, large injury risk already.

Johnny 1:41 AM CST  

Oh boy, I just hope somebody bites. Josh Hamilton for Juan Pierre? Sounds great to me. I don;t know why the Reds would even consider this though.

SDhomer 12:24 PM CST  

HAHAHAHA, if the Dodgers "dump" Pierre, it is to open a spot for a guy that is better offensively and defensively. They will have to eat a good portion of his contract for anyone to trade for him.

Anonymous 3:04 PM CST  

Its not a salary dump if we have to pay half of it. It is clearly a dump of a bad signing. Pierre gave us what we expected of him but in the dodger lineup he is inneffective. We need one more guy to get on base and drive in runs. Pierre does neither of those things.

Anonymous 7:22 PM CST  

Dumping half of a salary is still a dump. Just not a perfect salary dump.