Yankees Will Include Hughes

Friday, November 30, 2007

The Yankees plan to include Phil Hughes in the deal that would bring Johan to Santana to the Yankees for Melky Cabrera and Jose Tabata, according to the New York Daily News. Personally, I think the Twins would have been smart to try and get two of their better pitchers, like Ian Kennedy and Jeffery Marquez, along with Cabrera and Tabata. You then acquire four potential studs to lead the Twins in a new direction. Whichever trade goes down, whether it is with the Yankees, Red Sox, or Dodgers, the Twins are definitely the winners. Not only do they acquire a boatload of potential All-Stars, but they are avoiding a big contract on their payroll for the next several years. I'm sure this trade will get done during the Winter Meetings because it looks like the Twins would like to prepare for the 2008 season as soon as possible.


Anonymous 1:05 AM CST  

it must honestly kill you to ever believe that any trade, signing, move, or even remote decision favors the Yankees in any way.

Anonymous 1:47 AM CST  

Twins have plenty of good pitchers in their system. What they need is an is a prospect with Ace ability, and Hughes has that, no one else in the Yankees system does. The Twins are also and will be doing there best to get Kennedy in the trade still, but I doubt that will happen. Being a Twins fan I can be very happy with this trade, Melky-Hughes-position prospect if not kennedy hopefully.

Anonymous 1:54 AM CST  

I'm also very happy for the emergence of Joba. If he didn't pitch like he did at the end of the season, he'd be the one in the trade now and Hughes would be "untouchable". Overall I think, and the Yankees thought up until the last 2 months of the season, that Hughes is the best pitcher in their farm. I just think Joba is an injury risk and I'm not sure about his ability as a starter and endurance at the MLB level. You can't rely on your Fastball as much as a starter and I think that may hurt his stamina and put him at an even more injury risk. Unless the BoSox throw in Ellsbury with Lester or Bucholtz, this is a done deal at the Winter Meetings, barring the Yankees don't pull out.

KevinGillman 12:53 PM CST  

Phillip Hughes is going to have better productive career than Joba IMO. I also feel Joba should relive and not start. As an Indians fan, the Indians will face Hughes 18 times a season and that scares me.

Anonymous 6:41 PM CST  

haha, starting pitchers who stay healthy all season only get around 30 starts. I highly doubt you'll end up facing him 18 times in one season, that would have to be almost planned by the Twins to pull that off, lol. 5-7 is about what you'll see him. And you shouldn't be too scared, the Indians managed to dominate Santana this year, who is multiple times better than Hughes right now (Hughes has quit the shoes to fill as he's being compared as an equal to Santana right now.....One thing I truly don't understand in these comments from mostly Yankees fans. Boston fans aren't any better though with Bucholtz, who I don't think is comparable to Hughes at all.