Deal With Torrealba Falls Through

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Mets deal with Yorvit Torrealba has fallen through, according to sources. It seemed the only thing holding back an agreement was a physical, so maybe he failed his physical. His agent, Melvin Roman, declined to comment to me, along with many other media outlets. With this happening, it makes it more likely that the Paul Lo Duca will return to the Mets, Torrealba to the Rockies, and Michael Barrett to the Marlins.


Anonymous 5:29 PM CST  

yo eli u should go to to get some info for the METS and thats for all the mets fans to

The Man 8:05 PM CST  

I believe Yorvit is on the mitchells list, and omar got a tip about it..

Torrealba's agent, Melvin Roman, declined to comment on the situation

Eli 11:51 PM CST  

that was my initial thought- but im not saying anything.

Anonymous 7:48 AM CST  

why eli ? and does anyone knows when the mitchells report is going to come out

Eli 9:15 AM CST  

i dono no...why wouldnt his agent or the mets give some hint to what happened. i think they might have been tipped off...just a thought.