Update: Torrealba Nearing Deal With Mets

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Mets are nearing a deal with Yorvit Torrealba, according to his agent Melvin Roman. Contrary to reports from ESPN, the deal is not completely done yet, but should be done in the next couple of days, if not earlier. It is believed to be in final stages as they work on the language of the deal.


Anonymous 3:01 PM CST  

The Mets go after Torrealba, who is not particularly adept at throwing out oppossing base runners. The Phillies and the Marlins among others will run on the Mets from the get go. Not sure what the Mets think they are getting here.

Anonymous 3:16 PM CST  

Self-Deprecating Mets' fan here: this deal seems terrible. A .212 hitter on the road, playing everyday in Shea, a pitchers' park? I just do not understand this signing. He has to be the number 8 hitter. The Mets will now need another bat. 3 Years is being reported. Minaya could fry with this deal if the Mets are in 3rd place with Torrealba hitting .220 in July. Lo Duca looks at a ton of pitches at the plate and can hit 2, 6, or 7, plus plays with his heart on his sleeve.

Anonymous 5:52 PM CST  

I think both the Mets and Torrealba will regret this. The Mets overpaid for what he will produce and Torrealba will be miserable playing in NY. Word will spread that Denver is actually a really nice place to play.