Twins Set To Acquire Young

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Tampa Bay Rays are very close to trading Delmon Young, Brendan Harris, and Jason Pridie to the Twins for Matt Garza, Jason Bartlett and Juan Rincon. Obviously, this deal is focused around Young and Garza but I think it will help both teams. Young will slot in left field and give some protection to Justin Morneau while Brendan Harris will play second base until Alexei Castilla is ready. For the Rays, Bartlett can play shortstop while Garza will be great in the rotation and Rincon in the bullpen. For now, I think this trade helps the Twins. Young has proven at age 22 that he can hit for power at the major league level while a change of scenery might help his attitude problem. Although Garza is making the strides to get better, he has not shown that he can be successful at this level.

UPDATE: It's Official. The Twins traded Matt Garza, Jason Bartlett, Eduardo Morlan to the Rays for Delmon Young, Brendan Harris, and Jason Pridie.

Rays Close to Signing Percival:
The Rays are also close to signing reliever Troy Percival. More details on this as it develops.


Anonymous 4:48 PM CST  

garza is a phenomenal pitcher. i've talked to a lot of scouts about him, he will be a good, possibly great pitcher at the ML level, and this could be the year he does it. hopefully the rays can back him up defensively and offensively.

eli, do you know how this trade will impact the possible roles of some of the rays top prospects, such as longoria?

Eli 5:04 PM CST  

if this trade happens...i expect them to move aki iwamura to second base, rocco baldelli to right field, and have longoria at third base. bartlett will play shortstop.

Krycek 5:07 PM CST  

If the Rays trade Young, would that mean that the team would hang onto Dukes?

Johnny 5:13 PM CST  

Garza had a 3.60 ERA last year. How does that not prove he can be a successful Major Leaguer? While Young has yet to even prove he can get on base.

Anonymous 5:56 PM CST  

ok.. so who will play SS for the Twins if they put Harris at 2nd? I know the Twins farm a little and as far as I know theres no prospect. My guess is Harris is SS next year. 3rd base and starting pitching will be the major shopping point for the Twins if this goes through.

KevinGillman 9:46 PM CST  

I just don't see how this trade benefitted the Twins. Young is a good player, but they needed pitching, especially if they trade Santana.

Anonymous 12:03 AM CST  

Wow......Kevingillman, you need to brush up on the Twins. The Twins have a surplus of pitching, relief and starting. Did you watch any games last year, what the Twins needed is to get some guys who can get on base and knock in some runs. Also if we do trade Santana there will most likely be a premium pitching prospect involved, ex. hughes. So yeah, this is a great trade for the Twins lackluster offense. Wow, this post honlestly shockedme.

Anonymous 10:12 AM CST  

I thought that Delmon Young was going to be the face of the Rays franchise for years to come. I guess that was before he fired his bat at the umpire.

Kenneth 12:31 PM CST  

twins did get a solid bat w/ young. his hitting will improve, and brendan harris is also a solid hitting shortstop. i haven't seen him play enough to comment on his defense, but the twins usually manage to have a strong defensive squad. you are right about them losing a big time pitcher w/ garza. kazmir-garza can make a strong 1-2 and shields isn't too shabby either. longoria can also be a solid offensive contributor immediatley. i strongly agree w/ Eli that this trade will really help both teams.

Johnny 1:00 PM CST  

I think Carrol would play second and Punto would play short.

Anonymous 4:53 PM CST  

Part of what the Twins do best in their franchise is teach fundamentals, defense, base-running and good AB's. I know thats hard to see from last year. I know all franchises work on the fundamentals, but the Twins keep themselves contending for a pennant year in and out by having a strong defense, good pitching and guys not screwing up mentally. Thats why they traded for Young, they know they're strength and feel they can help. Also I think the Rays wanted Bartlett and the Twins feel they can help Harris become a stronger defensively at SS or 3b. At least I'm hoping he can fill one of those 2 holes and not play 2b. Cross your fingers for Alexi Casilla getting some good experience this winter and comeing to spring training ready to take the position the Twins want to give to him.