Kaz Matsui To Astros?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Now that Luis Castillo is off the market and the Cubs are being blocked to make moves by the sale of the team, it appears that Kaz Matsui is heading to the Astros. According to Tracy Ringolsby of the Rocky Mountain News, the Astros are in negotiations with Matsui's representatives and you can expect something to get done next week. Meanwhile, the Rockies are happy with the way Jayson Nix has been performing and plan to give him a shot at second base. However, if the Astros bring in Matsui, we could see the Astros look to trade Chris Burke, who the Rockies were interested in last year. He is a good utility player who can play some infield and outfield. But if they cannot work a trade for Burke, they might look to sign Tadahito Iguchi. They have had success with Japanese players and Iguchi would probably have success in Colorado, where the air is thinner. In other news, the Rockies are far apart in talks with Torrealba, and it is still possible that he will go to the Marlins, Brewers, or Blue Jays. The Rockies are interested in Michael Barrett, who is looking for about five million dollars annually. I expect talks to really heat up after the holiday so stay tuned.


Anonymous 10:58 PM CST  

So, the Cubs are being blocked to make moves by the sale of the team?? Is this fact or just your opinion?

Eli 11:07 PM CST  

I am talking with Asst. GM Randy Bush next week but for now, I think the whole signing process is slow because everything must be reviewed and approve because of the pending sale.

Anonymous 11:08 PM CST  

What are you talking about Cubs are being blocked?

They have said many times, they aren't blocked by the sale of the team, and could add players. I have also read many articles that say their payroll will be 115-125m.

If they can't sign Matsui how are they suppose to sign Fukudome? This doesn't make sense. I just think the Astros probably just outbid the Cubs.

Anonymous 11:09 PM CST  

is that just your opinion, because I have heard the total oppsite?

Anonymous 11:11 PM CST  

Cubs being blocked by making moves because of the sale of the team makes no sense. Why would they just trade Jones and even Monroe, if they didn't think they could spend money to bring in new players this offseason?

I'm sorry but I don't think thats true at all.

Eli 11:58 PM CST  

they can say whatever they want

Anonymous 12:49 AM CST  

So Eli, your saying the Cubs can't sign players?

Anonymous 5:34 AM CST  

yes and you sure do also!!

Eli 7:15 AM CST  

i think they will have trouble

Anonymous 1:17 PM CST  

The Astros have also been in contact with Iguchi. What makes you think that Matrsui would be their first choice? Is there anything to support this or just your opinion?