Silva Will Go To Highest Bidder

Monday, November 12, 2007

According to MLB Rumors correspondent Brady Yu, Carlos Silva is done with the Twins. The Twins were not interested in going past 25 million dollars for three years, and stopped at a deal similar to what Jason Marquis got. Silva is looking for a four year deal worth 40 million dollars, and will probably get something close to that because the week free agent market makes him one of the best available. Silva was 13-14 this season with a 4.19 ERA, but has the potential to put up better numbers. I saw him pitch in Minnesota this season and he had solid downward movement on his pitches, and worked the count very nicely. I think he would be great for a team like the Phillies, but I do not see the Phillies looking to add someone for that much money. Right now, the Mariners seem desperate for pitching and might throw eleven million annually to bring him in. After them, I'm sure the Padres will jump in, along with the White Sox, Royals, and Braves, among others. Free agent signing starts tomorrow and I'm sure he will sign once the highest bidder establishes their interest.



hey eli i know u take your info from other sites so go to NY post and u will see that the yankees are looking to trade for Freddy Sanchez & Damaso Marte thought i would help your Plagiarism career

Anonymous 6:41 PM CST  

so he copy from other site and re make it damn eli i thought u were like a sport guys that doesnt copy anything o well.

Eli 6:56 PM CST  

I really do not know what you are talking about-send me a link...


u prove my point u dont know anything about wats happening in the sports world srry it was ny insider

Eli 7:09 PM CST  

wait, so what did i copy?

Eli 7:12 PM CST  

that makes sense dan the god...i bet your feeling good now, TRYING to outsmart a sixteen year old. it seems you are just mad that your team is doing something you do not want them to do.


I have no idea wat u r talking about and just so u know i am 16 years old

Eli 7:16 PM CST  

that link says nothing i have talked about, what i have i copied?

Eli 7:18 PM CST  

not all my content comes from other sites. I do get rumors from major sites but I do have talks with people and players around the league and can generate something from there. this silva article came from one of my sources who met with someone with the Twins.

Eli 7:19 PM CST  

if you can find a site that does not feed or "take" rumors from some other sites, let me know.

furthermore, i provide links for my rumors if I have gotten them from another site.

Eli 7:20 PM CST  

and if you can find a site with as many features and interviews-let me know and I'll let you run my site the way you want: "moron-free" right? If you have nothing good to say, dont say anything at all.


u wait 7-8 hours after the news come out then u post it every once in awhile i can understand but everytime is unkool

i am not talking about the rumors because only your site would be dumb enough to post hal of the stuff u do i am talking the other things the signings and stuff like that is just taken from ESPN MLB and many other popular sites u could change up the words when u cut and paste

Eli 7:26 PM CST  

i do not cut and paste, that is illegal. as for waiting 7-8 hours, im sure you are talking about jacque jones. i was at school, sorry i could leave class to post that. as for some of the others, i'm not sure what you are talking about. fukudome was posted at 7:17 a.m., before any other major sites, including ESPN, FOX, CNN....if you have any other complaints-let me know. the news for some I gauge as minor, or things i can add to the bottom of my more major posts.

Eli 7:29 PM CST  

I was able to get the Todd Jones signing at least 10 min before the major sites too...that source is someone real! im not perfect, this is not an all day job. i do not live around my computer. i do have a life, i am busy.

Anonymous 7:33 PM CST  


this is a message for Dan the God and other bashers.

Why don't you guys respect the fact that he does this, and it is better than most sites, the best according to the bloggers choice awards. if you have question or comment about your team, go ahead, voice your opinion, i love it and I am sure other people do too. but to go out of your way to call someone a moron because you disagree, is not cool. this is kid is a busy 16 year old, be grateful that he can update it several times a day everyday. he has interviews, news before some other sites. if you cant respect that than im sure eli would probably want you to leave too.

Anonymous 7:37 PM CST  

wow dan i know what you mean i see something he post on one website and its the same thing but posted hours before hand

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eli nice speech