Yankees Third Base Situation

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A lot of people have been asking what is happening in New York and for now, all talks are premature. The Yankees are focused on getting something done with Mariano Rivera, and from what I have heard, they have made him a three year deal worth 45-47 million dollars. As for teams they have talked to, they have talked with the Orioles, Marlins, Dodgers, and White Sox, and I assume that they will look to Miguel Cabrera first. Cabrera will definitely cost them, probably Melky Cabrera and several other prospects. After Cabrera, 24, they will probably look to Miguel Tejada, who would have to make a switch to third. But by playing in the same division it should not be too hard. Joe Crede would not cost them too much because he is coming off an injury but I think they want someone bigger than him. One surprising option would be to bring in Nomar Garciaparra from the Dodgers and platoon him with Wilson Betemit. Although I think this is a bad move, they would only have him for one year and then they could let him walk and look to add someone like Troy Glaus.

The Red Sox failed to sign Mike Lowell before the deadline, allowing him to negotiate with other teams. The Yankees said they would look into signing him, but I'm sure his agents, who also represent Jorge Posada, will look to get the same deal they got for Posada, which might turn the Yankees off to the thirty-four year old. We will see what happens over the next couple weeks, but I expect them to see if Lowell is interested before exploring these trades.


dan the god 5:26 PM CST  

u forgot about sanchez on the pirates the yankees r looking at him to

this is brought to u by nyinsider.com
one of the few sites eli doesnt copy from

KevinGillman 5:46 PM CST  

Lowell and Cleveland would fit like a glove.

Anonymous 8:52 PM CST  

isn't it funny how this site only get a handful of comments each day and over half the comments are insulting eli. dont you get it yet eli? your terrible at this. maybe this is one case where you should quit your day job?

Anonymous 9:22 PM CST  

to the poster above: obviously this site is doing well if it is getting over 8,000 hits a day and is considered to be the best sports blog. People insult because eli gives my opinion on things, which some people do not like. obvisouly you do not like this, so you can leave, and probably will not be missed as a reader of this site.

as for dan the god, while kids at your high school are out being highschool kids, you are here trying to bash someone who is actually doing something with his life. i applaud your dilligence to come here and TRY to make eli feel bad. good luck the rest of the way.

Anonymous 9:25 PM CST  

to first annoymous poster: good argument, i guess. its too bad you cannot respect my work for what it is. again, if you dont like, dont come back. but obviously you do.

Eli 9:27 PM CST  

dan the god, email me at mlbrumors@Gmail.com with your cell number and I would love to talk with you about your complaints.


GOD 9:28 PM CST  

i mean the only thing i have to do to be doing something with my life is to cut and paste which isnt as bad and cut and paste and not get all the info i brought up sanchez a few days ago and gave him the link so he could go cut and paste but i guess he didnt want to be proved wrong i mean if u r going to list the options u could list them all its not hard all he does is cut and paste

Anonymous 9:28 PM CST  

to first annoymous poster: good diss man- why dont you take a break from "bashing" eli and go walk the dog for mom and dad

Eli 9:29 PM CST  

alright, show me where I cut and paste and maybe then will i listen to your bogus argument.

god 9:30 PM CST  

i dont have a cell phone sorry but u can email me at yankfan2mvp@aim.com

Anonymous 9:54 PM CST  

I can't get over how many comments are critical of Eli. He's a high schooler who seems to be doing his "homework" with this site. If you've been reading for awhile, you know that he offers his opinions and insights along with the rumors. A lot of readers seem to like the forum aspect of it. If you don't, look for another sight where you can harass someone your own age.

Anonymous 9:56 PM CST  

Eli, I like that you offer opinions. It gets me thinking. No one expects you to get every rumor or fact first all the time. Its a blog, people, not a newspaper.

Eli 10:03 PM CST  

what god, did mom take it away?

Eli 10:04 PM CST  

when you find articles that were copied and pasted, then i will send you an email. otherwise, keep using the same argument...

Anonymous 10:06 PM CST  

I never agree with Eli, but it's fun to read different opinions. The big problem I have with this site is the coments portion.

I AM GOD 10:10 PM CST  

his opinions make no sense at all like in the last few days
Posada being a bad deal r u kidding he is the best Offensive C in the AL and doesnt have as many games on his knees as other 36 year old C because
1.he didnt start as a C till mid 20s
2.in the 90s when he was a C he was a back up or him and Joe G would split the staff 3-2

pavano getting an invite to ST when he wont be able to pitch till september

Roger going to the jays who have a great pitching staff and would have been a great contender if not for losing their whole SP staff at some point or another also in that article u said the Jays have a bad BP yea i mean having the SECOND BEST BP ERA is bad i mean wow who would want that

i told u and showed u a link to another 3B option for the yankees but yet u chose to ignore it because i told u it

an one last one about roger Clemens being a closer because "being a closer would take some stress of his arm" u do know that being a closer puts more stress on your arms because u dont get any days off after u pitch some of the time u dont know when u r going to pitch

these r just a few of the many dumb things u have said on the "sports" blog do a little bit of digging into your common sense
i mean i have been a fan of all sports for only 3 years and i know more then u with any baseball Contacts

Eli 10:26 PM CST  

never agree is probably not true...as for god:

here we go
1. posada is 36 and history shows that you detiorate with age. commiting that much money to someone who will be forty when this over is a big risk. i think they should have kept him, but up the money and bring down the years.

2. pavano can get to spring training a rehab. signing him to an incentive contract would be smart for a team looking for a cheap pitcher who might be able to come back.

3. i said bullpen is not great, maybe that is an over statement, but run production is down.

4. that report with the yankees was not confirmed by anyone.

5. clemens being a closer would take stress of his arm. yes he would pitch more often but for only one to two innings, usually one. im not saying i agree with it, it is simply something that COULD happen.


as for knowing more about sports, im glad that is one thing you have against me in life. why dont you go start your own blog that will be PERFECT...hey that is a good idea, then i will come and critique you for you getting information from other places and "copying and pasting"

KevinGillman 11:28 PM CST  


I believe Victor Martinez is the best offensive catcher in basebal, but that is cool cause it's YOUR opinion that Posada is the best offensive catcher in baseball, not mine. But second, Eli has a good site that I check out just about everyday. What he offers is a bit of an opinion, mixed in with some news, which is cool. But I will say this, at least you created a name so you can bash Eli and he knows who did it, unlike some of the "Anonymous" people that rip him but hide even more behind their keyboards. Just chill and try and not to bash him, if you don't agree with what he says, say so and back it up on why you disagree. There is no need to rip anyone without merit. Just some helpful advice.

Bryant 2:33 AM CST  

>>dan the god, email me at mlbrumors@Gmail.com with your cell number and I would love to talk with you about your complaints.

We can talk to you in person cause I would love to chat baseball any time

GOD 7:38 AM CST  

KevinGillman srry I forgot about victor he is the best C srry


1. if u look at posadas stats he has been getting better offensively and defensively as he gets older and he will decline next year because that was a great year even more a great year for a C
Also he would have got a 4 year deal from the mets and he would have taken it so the Yankees did wat they had to get posada to be behind the plate

2.u do know when u rehab from TJ u rehab in rehab u don’t start off against batters evenmore majors league batters because 1 u will over do it and hurt yourself again and he is a slow healer as history shows so he will be lucky to be able to throw off flat ground by ST

3. U said "their bullpen was inconsistent at times" and I am sure that having a 3 era in the BP means that they were pretty consistent

4. I has been confirmed that the Yankees r interested and u having a RUMOR blog I would think that your baseball CONSALUTENTS would give u this info

5. Stop contradicting your self u said “and being a closer would take some stress of his arm" and now u said it would put stress on his arm

in most of the post I say u r an idiot like the Clemens closer thing U said it would take stress off his arm ok so take some blame for being a no nothing baseball idiot

I don’t want to start a blog I mean wats the point of being someone who just cuts and paste ok

And as for coming on this even tough I don’t agree with ANY of your ideas I do it because at least I know I am smarter then one person in the world in one subject


wow eli those baseball conntects didnt see arod begging to talk to the yankees without boras huh? ha ha ha

Gerry 2:07 PM CST  

Dan aka dan the g-d,
OK, Dan, you're starting to sound a little scary. Does it really make you feel better to be smarter than one person (a kid) on one subject and to bash him repeatedly? If so, you may need to talk to someone other than a bunch of sports fans killing time in the offseason.

Anonymous 8:55 PM CST  

god, ur are the stupidest person and u have no baseball knowledge whatsoever. First off, Posada is getting older and worse, which can be seen by his stats going down in recent years. Second if a bullpen has and ERA of 3, that is awful. That means that the team needs to have at least a 4 run lead when the bullpen comes in to have a shot at winning if thier bullpens ERA is that high. Also in one of your earlier posts you said that the Blue Jays shouldnt go after Clemens becuase they have such a good rotation then why did their top 6 starters go a combined 67-50 and they didnt even make the playoffs. So obviously they need help with thier pitching when your 5th starter goes 5-10. Clemens would be a good fit there, but odds are he is going to retire and work for the Astros.

Fianlly, you are the stupidest person when it comes to baseball knowledge and you shouldnt even be allowed to talk baseball until you actually know a thing or two about the sport.

Eli is doing a great job with the site and you have nothing behind you backing you up with your statements about how you think he is doing a bad job.

Just shut up and go back to sitting in your parents basement crying because nobody likes you.

GOD 3:10 PM CST  

Eli i will stop trashing u for now on unless its a really dumb thing ok now let me post to this idiot

Anonymous u r by far the dumbest person i have ever seen

1.in posadas increasing age he has gotten better look at his stats

2.an era of 3 is great it was the second best BP in AL ok u need to learn what ERA means

3.The jays have a great pitching staff but all the starters were on the DL at one time or another ok

how the hell can u even get online because what i have heard from u u r the dumbest person ever to be able to get online

Anonymous 4:01 PM CST  

I just have to say one thing about ur post, and that is that ur making excuses about injuries, but you have to assume that they are going to happen, and when they do the team should be prepared and have a solid replacement waiting. So you cant say that they have a great staff when they only have 1 good pitcher (Roy Halladay) and your blaming their poor preformance on injuries. You cant do that.

GOD 8:24 PM CST  

r u kidding me they had so many SP hurt that their replacements got hurt ok so u can only have so many pitchers ready for the ML

ok they have many good pitchers ok lets take a look

Roy Halladay top 5 in the AL

A.J. Burnett 3.75 ERA

Dustin McGowan 4.08 ERA

Shaun Marcum 4.13 ERA

Jesse Litsch 3.81 ERA

Gustavo Chacin a career ERA of 4.18

90% of the teams would kill for the SP of the jays

Anonymous 9:55 PM CST  

If they had such a good pitching staff then why didnt they make the playoffs? And why didnt they only win 83 games?

I will admit that they have a young pitching staff, who will probably become pretty good in the future. But I dont think that Halladay is top 5 in the AL

Beckett, Sabathia, Santana, Verlander, Lackey. Then maybe Halladay.

Also, Burnett has been a huge bust for what they paid for him, and if they can get anything more than a bag of used jockstraps for him, they should consider themselves lucky.

GOD 12:47 PM CST  

i dont care what they paid fo AJ but a 3.75 ERA in the AL EAST is great ok they didnt make the playoffs because everyone of the starters went on the DL and then half of their replacments did too