Rivera Wants A Fourth Year

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The main reason the Yankees have yet to announce the Mariano Rivera signing is because Rivera is holding out for a fourth year. To me, that is ridiculous. Although he put up a good year going 3-4 with a 3.15 ERA and 30 SV, it was his highest ERA since 1995, his rookie season, and the most hits given up since 1996. He is still a solid fielder, but the numbers he is asking for and what it comes out to makes me think the Yankees were pressured to do the right thing with Rivera:

I averaged out the last 11 seasons and came up with the following:

  • He has pitched 778 innings, averaging 70.7 innings per season.
  • He has pitched in 707 games, averaging 64.3 appearances per season.
  • He has averaged recording 212.1 outs per season.

Using those averages as expectations for the 2008 season, Rivera will be paid:

  • $233,281 for every game he appears in.
  • $212,164 for every inning he pitches.
  • $70,721 for every out that is recorded when he is in a game.
(Thanks to FOXSPORTS.com)

I think Rivera still has one, maybe two good years left in him, but to pay him that much for three years will only hurt them. They have solid young relievers who could take the closer spot next year. What the Yankees should do is hold strong on their offer, maybe offer a mutual option, and see what he does. It would not surprise me if ends up taking the three year offer when he sees that no team is interested in giving him a four year deal.


Anonymous 12:47 PM CST  

I write on the Rivera/Posada article that Rivera will get a fourth year offer from someone, much like Pedro's 4th year offer from the Mets. The rumored salary in that article was 3 for 39, and I mentioned that someone would offer him a 4th year in order to sway him from pinstripes. But the Yanks did offer 3 for 45, which is in between the original figure at 3 and 4 years. I'm less certain that another team would pay Rivera a fourth year at 15 mill a year. On the other hand, what will the Yanks do without Rivera? Put Chamberlain in the closer role? (It sounds like they are very much against this move).

I also do not think that Rivera is washed up by any means. He is not Rivera 1998, but he is still among the top 2 or 3 closers in baseball. Last year's numbers were below average, but in late-May, people were saying that Rivera was finished. His ERA was over 6 and the word in NY was that the failed contract negotiation was messing up his pitching. Do the math: Rivera recovered in a big way in the last 2/3rds of the season.


the reason he had an off year was because in the start of the year torre didnt use him enough and at the middle end he used him to mcuh

Anonymous 4:47 PM CST  

I am glad to see them sign him for four more years i respect the guy but as a sox fan i am more than glad to see them go with him when there is a guy like cordero on the market