White Sox Make Push For Jones?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

According to MLB Rumors Correspondent Shane Shapiro, the White Sox are making a big push for Andruw Jones. Although they have interest in Aaron Rowand, they prefer Jones because he is an excellent fielder and is slightly less reckless than Rowand. The White Sox had an offer ready for Torii Hunter, but since he signed with the Angels, I believe they will offer that same deal to Jones. Also, he has heard the Dodgers, Giants, Padres, and Athletics are also interested in Jones, who is seeking a multi-year deal. Jones batted .222 with 26 HR and 94 RBI, but did win a Gold Glove and put up similar power numbers to Rowand and Hunter. He is represented by Boras, so you can expect lengthy discussions and a deal probably reaching 100 million. Personally, I see the Dodgers leading the race because not only are they looking for an outfielder, but they have money to land him. Also, Jones is very good friends with former teammate and Dodger shortstop Rafael Furcal.

Park Returns to Korea:
Shane Shapiro is also reporting that Chan Ho Park will void his contract that he recently signed with the Dodgers and return


Anonymous 4:57 PM CST  

Source other than "correspondent" please!!!

Steve K., Jr. 11:38 PM CST  

I'm with the last guy...who is the source? Some junior journalist trying to be the "guy in the know" who thinks he overheard a conversation? We definitely need something more substantial than that.

Andrew Jones would be an unbelievably solid move for the Sox, assuming he can dramatically improve his batting average from last year. Unfortunately, with Boras involved I do not see this move happening. First, it is no secret that Williams does not deal well (or at all) with Boras and can you blame him. Second, Jones will be too expensive for the Sox. I see him going West - A huge loss for the Sox to be sure. Especially since the Sox CF options are looking like "the bust" Brian Anderson, one of the biggest disappointments in MLB and/or Jerry Owens another young disappointment that needs to put about 30 pounds of muscle on his anorexic frame.

Williams and The White Sox are heading down the same unfortunate path as last year. I would think the fear of another sub-par season would make Williams go for a big move. Unfortunately, they'll probably just stay with the kids that can't perform or sign Rowand or som other less-than-stellar player,

Having said that - I hope I am wrong.

Anonymous 8:21 AM CST  

Two good things as a Dodger fan, 1 we are the leading candidate for Andruw Jones and 2) Park is leaving.

Eli 9:15 AM CST  

i have talked to two sources, one inside the white sox and the other an agent bothing saying the white sox have interest

Anonymous 9:44 PM CST  

i think the guy who reported the story obviously knows what hes saying. So far hes been prettty acurate. time will tell.