Cubs Looking For Lefties, Speed

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Cubs have joined the race for second baseman Luis Castillo. Castillo, who hit .301 with 1 HR, 38 RBI, and 19 SB, played for the Marlins back in 2003, the year they beat the Cubs in seven games. Nevertheless, Castillo would give them a solid lead off man who is a good fielder with great speed. The question always comes up though, is there room? You could say yes, but the Cubs would be putting Lou Piniella in a situation with too many starters. It would force him to start DeRosa in right field more often, cut back on Ryan Theriot's playing time some, and maybe even take some at bats away from Derek Lee. Yet, Lou Piniella went with over 90 different lineups last season, so I think it can be done. The Astros are also looking at Castillo along with the Mets, but only if Davd Eckstein does not want to play second base. With Matsui, I think the Cubs were looking to bring him in to try and lure Fukudome, but his price may have gotten too steep. They still plan to go after Fukudome, but hope to lure him in by exposing their solid offense, beautiful stadium, and city to him. Adding Fukudome would give them an experienced bat at the bottom part of their order, who probably won't have as much power as he has in Japan. The Rangers, Mets, Yankees, Padres are considering a run at him, along with many other teams. According to sources inside the Cubs, there has been some interest in Milton Bradley, but only if Fukudome is not with the Cubs.

UPDATE: The Mets are on the verge of signing Luis Castillo to a four year deal worth 25 million dollars. Although he can help the top of your order, his leg problems have become a problem will be more significant as he gets older.


supercapo 10:08 AM CST  

If the Cubs are looking for a second baseman, why haven't they been pushing to trade for Hudson out of Arizona? Hudson has some speed, his is a switch hitter, he has some pop (something that Castillo, Eckstein or Mastui will never have)and he is the best defensive second basemen in the league right now. It seems to me with the Cubs trying to acquire nearly every second basemen around, they must not be as sold on DeRosa as they were last season. Lou has said that he wants a speedy, more athletic outfield, that would mean the DeRosa doesn't seem to fit in there either. He could become a super sub, but after he played most every game last year, I doubt he will be happy with a back-up role this season.
Could they possibly be looking for a replacement because they plan to ship DeRosa out in order to pick up another arm for the rotation?

I hope that we get Fukudome, I don't see a lot of other great/realistic options available to play right field. Even if we get him though, I still like the idea of looking into Bradley, as a 4th outfielder, or even looking at Guillen, to play right, while putting Fukudome in center. With Pie's struggles I don't see the Cubs having a lot more patience with him. If he doesn't start to hit soon, he may find himself in Baltimore.

Anonymous 10:55 AM CST  

how do you know that the cubs are interested in castillo? i thought it was kaz matsui who the were interested in?

Eli 11:55 AM CST  

they are interested in both. and have talked to the agents of both. I talked to one of his agents, seth levinson. he said the cubs put in a call.

kaz's agent, john kim...confirmed the cubs interest.

Anonymous 12:13 PM CST  

what is the status of both negotiations? Kaplan of WGN radio said a deal was close to happening.

Anonymous 12:24 PM CST  


supercapo 12:35 PM CST  

Who did Kaplan say the deal was going to be with?

One source for the interest in Castillo is Ken Rosenthal on Fox Sports. He states it in the article about the As pulling out of the Bonds sweepstakes.

GOD 6:35 PM CST  

Ken Rosenthal is one of the dumbest baseball people in the world

Anonymous 7:22 AM CST  

That may be true, but if it is, and if you are who you claim to be, than we have no one to blame but...YOU!!!