Mora to Phillies?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Although the Orioles have not indicated if they will trade Melvin Mora or not, it seems the Phillies would be interested in trading for him if he is available. I think it would be a good fit for both teams. Phillies have solid prospects and could easily trade one or two of them. I could see them trading Jayson Werth, and a low-level pitching prospect for him. Werth would fit nicely in the in the Orioles outfield. Jay Payton struggled in the outfield for the Orioles and bringing in Werth, who is just 29, would give them a solid left fielder for the next several years. And trading Mora would move Huff to third base until top prospect Bill Rowell is ready. However, if Scott Moore proves he can play third base successfully he might get a shot, but he has yet to prove so. They have Luis Hernandez, who can play several positions on the field, who should get a shot to play everyday. I expect the Orioles to resign Corey Patterson to play center field, but from there, maybe they will trade Miguel Tejada.


Anonymous 5:18 PM CST  

no way the phillies trade werth, they have very few outfeilders with the loss of bourn and rowand and vic moves to CF now Werth is our only RF option

Anonymous 5:20 PM CST  

That is the most idioctic thing I have ever heard. First, Werth is a fourth outfielder who is a serious injury liability and the Phillies are foolish enough to try to go into the season with him as their starting right fielder. They are already unlikly to resign Aaron Rowand but if they were to pick up Mora's contract there is no way the get Rowand. So to suggest that they will deplete their outfield further by trading worth and making it impossible to resign Rowand is crazy.

Anonymous 12:24 PM CST  

Todd Zolecki, Philadelphia Inquirer: "A source said yesterday there is absolutely no chance the Phillies are trading for Melvin Mora, as had been reported elsewhere. It sounds to me the Mora talk is wishful thinking on the Orioles' part. Mora has more than $17 million remaining on a contract that runs through 2009 and his numbers have been in decline since 2004.

Whew. . .thank you, Jeebus.