Breaking News: Yankees Sign Posada

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Yankees have agreed to a deal with Jorge Posada worth 52 million dollars over four years, according to This is the same deal that was given to both Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui just two years ago. The deal is pending a physical which is scheduled to take place tomorrow in New York. This is a ridiculous offer I think, and now they are stuck with Posada till he is 40. You could call this a "fluke" year for Posada after hitting .338 with 20 HR. He has not hit above .285 since 2000, and is hovering around the twenty homerun mark as he gets older. Not only that, but I'm sure he will get some trade clause which prevents a trade. Even if he doesn't, who would want a 40 year old catcher making thirteen million dollars. Although I am a fan of Posada, I think this will come back to haunt the Yankees. All they are doing is adding another older player which is holding them back from a World Series.


KevinGillman 10:06 PM CST  

Gee, I just read Cashman quoting that he will not resign Posada or Rivera before the midnight deadline for exclusive negotiations, I guess Cashman lied...LOL

Eggshmeg 10:33 PM CST  

Pretty sure last year wasn't a fluke, but if this is what it took to re-sign him then there was obviously some pretty hefty interest in him from otehr teams.

Anonymous 11:03 PM CST  

I don't agree that it's Posada that's holding the Yankees back from winning the WS. He's been more than a catcher for the Yanks now for 10+ seasons, he's another leader this club needs to keep all the new guys focused late August.

Posada is priceless to any ballclub & the Mets would have tendered him am even bigger offer Tuesday.

Chris from Connecticut


ok eli who would the yankees sign huh? thats wat i thought also posada is learning 1B so he could play till he is 45

Anonymous 6:54 PM CST  

Posada holding the Yankees back is probably the stupidest thing that I ever heard!

RollingWave 9:16 AM CST  

ehh, while this deal isn't ideal, the truth is having a blackhole behind the plate with the bat isn't going to help them either.

Yes, this year is almost definately a flukish career year for Jorge, but you fail to meantion that even in a down year (see 05 ) he's still one of the best hitting catcher in the game. truth is , if there are things called underrated Yankees, Posada is definately one, a borderline hall of fame career gets so little respect these days.

RollingWave 9:23 AM CST  

seriously, you fail to meantion the fact that even at his career low (say 05) Jorge Posada is still one of the top hitting catcher in the game. if you look at the longer stretch, there is exactly 1 catcher in the last 2 decade that's truely better than Posada as a hitter (the guy also happened to be the best hitting catcher of all time)

It's not going to look good in the last two year, but overall it probably will pan out.